Team Building At George Washington’s Old Stomping Grounds: A Fraunces Tavern Case Study

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Team Building Resources December 14, 2019 Team Building At George Washington’s Old Stomping Grounds: A Fraunces Tavern Case Study

Few organizations have mastered the art of team building quite like the military. So what could be more inspiring than taking lessons from history and bringing your company together in the very place where George Washington famously led his troops during the American Revolution?

While many of our New York City team building tours take place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History, the Fraunces Tavern is one of our favorite lesser-known spots for team building in New York.

A group enjoys the Tavern.

Located in the heart of the city, the Fraunces Tavern is a national historic landmark with an impressive resume. A museum, restaurant, and bar all wrapped up into one perfect spot for company team building, the Fraunces Tavern is an American Revolution icon. It served as George Washington’s headquarters during the war and was a key site for peace negotiations with Great Britain. Later, the building morphed into early U.S. government offices. George Washington famously bid farewell to his troops at the Tavern on December 4, 1783, in the Long Room, which is still there today.

All in all, it’s a fantastic spot for an afternoon at the museum on its own, but it’s even more amazing for a totally unique, engaging, and fun team building experience.

Vimeo At The Fraunces Tavern: Unique Team Building Tours For Multiple Groups

Earlier this spring, Vimeo, a company that runs a video sharing website, reached out to us about hosting a team building event — but they had a bit of an unusual request.

Vimeo had several different departments they wanted to treat to an evening at the museum. They wanted to keep each team event separate rather than roll them up into one big, company-wide team building activity. Vimeo decided to set up recurring tours with us in the evening for groups of 12. Each department would come to the museum on a different date, but would experience the same team building games and activities as every other group at the company.

Equally important? Vimeo wanted a relaxed, fun atmosphere in a cool venue.

Another group listens during a Fraunces Tavern tour.
Another group listens during a Fraunces Tavern tour.

We knew right away that the Fraunces Tavern was the perfect spot to check off all of Vimeo’s requests.

We got to work planning Vimeo’s epic team building adventure on the same grounds where George Washington celebrated the defeat of the British with his troops. We arranged eleven separate dates for Vimeo teams to come through the museum in February and March.

Each event had the same framework: a custom tour that highlighted the surprising, hidden stories of the historic landmark and the American Revolution, a performance by a special guest musician, and time at the end to enjoy the museum’s amazing restaurant and bar.

A group reenacts art in the museum.
A group reenacts a piece of art in the museum.

An added fun bonus? We taught each group a fantastic early American drinking song as they enjoyed their beverages in the historic Tavern.

A visit to the Fraunces Tavern is not soon to be forgotten. With its enchanting history, impressive collections, and fabulous atmosphere, the Fraunces Tavern is our favorite spot to team build like it’s 1776.

Do you have a team that’s in need of an evening away from the office? We’d love to talk more about your company team building plans! Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a ring at 1-800-210-9676.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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