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Creative team building activities can be hard to find. If you’ve searched for ideas, you’ve come across the standard activities: bowling, DIY art classes, lunch and more. But if you want to stimulate fun and creativity in your team, the “same old” isn’t the best option.

Instead, we recommend our “unconventional” museum tours, where your team will “play” together at the museum. Our tours, events, and workshops are specially designed to help spark creative ideas for your team. This includes healthy brain exercises, whimsical stories about the museum’s secrets, and activities that are new and refreshing for your team.

Want to get creative? We can help.

Foursquare Aliens!
There’s aliens in the museum!

We recently hosted a space-inspired Scavenger Hunt with Foursquare at the Brooklyn Museum. The theme of the hunt was to help a group of aliens get back to their native planet by unlocking clues scattered through the Museum.  It was cosmically hilarious — there were epic searches, photo challenges, and a celestial musical performance.   

“Foursquare had an amazing time on a Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt through the Brooklyn Museum, cracking each other up with tinfoil pharaoh hats, alien masks and ouija boards.  Our guides seemed to appear magically at just the right time to give us our next clue and usher us to parts of the museum I’d never seen, despite living a short walk away. There’s no better way to experience a museum, I’d love to do it again!”
-Matt Healy from Foursquare 

The Brooklyn Museum is New York City’s second largest art museum at 560,000 square feet. The museum holds a collection of roughly 1.5 million works, and is an obvious source of extraterrestrial energy.

Foursquare Brooklyn Museum map

Foursquare all hands in!
All hands in and ready to go!
Foursquare team building tour
Foursquare is ready to help the aliens!

We love to create experiences that allow people to appreciate art in a new way. By using challenges, storytelling, movement, photo, tin foil hats, and a bit of competitiveness, we make the museum a place to learn while having a great time. The camaraderie that results in these kinds of events will has a long-lasting impact on teams.

Foursquare employees wearing tin foil hats
Tin foil hats help us communicate with the aliens.

“Ancient Aliens descended on the Brooklyn Museum leading people through alien photo-bomb challenges, Egyptian temple building contests, caption contests, and more. Our guides were hidden throughout the museum as theatrical stops (dressed in tinfoil, of course), giving people clues, challenges, and information along the way like the power of music, Pharoah-hat building, contacting spirits (through a Ouija board!), and alien anatomy….We can’t wait to do more.” 
Harry Einhorn, Guide for Museum Hack, Games Master for this hunt

The results of the Scavenger Hunt were fantastic- everyone had a great time, and the photos from the challenges were absolutely hilarious! 

Foursquare Mark Museum Hack

Best Submissions for the Alien  Photo Bomb Challenge (Alien-American Edition)

One of the games included documenting the ways in which aliens have influenced our most treasured of institutions. By having them photo bomb different pieces in the American Galleries. Here are some of our favorites:

"Alien playing with a fine lady’s red berries” foursquare scavenger hunt
“Alien playing with a fine lady’s red berries”
Points for finding the Alien Abe Lincoln. Foursquare team building scavenger hunt
Points for finding the Alien Abe Lincoln.
Foursquare scavenger hunt: No mistaking this one: “Alien checking out a guy’s butt while lighting a cigarette.”No mistaking this one: “Alien checking out a guy’s butt while lighting a cigarette.”
No mistaking this one: “Alien checking out a guy’s butt while lighting a cigarette.”

Foursquare tour group
Discussing scavenger hunt strategy.

Gods Getting Busy Caption Contest

One of the challenges was to use your group telepathy to determine what the gods were thinking when getting busy. The team had to write it in the cosmic speech bubble, then take a picture with the speech bubble behind the figures.

We literally laughed out loud when we read this one:

Foursquare scavenger hunt Museum Hack gods getting busy
“Oh snap! My husband’s home!”


Foursquare activities

The team at Foursquare really enjoyed the event, and gave us some great feedback.

“Thanks again for putting this event together for Foursquare. It was lots of fun, and the team really enjoyed it!”
Katie B., Senior Manager, Talent Programs for Foursquare

The Brooklyn Museum. It is the only major museum in NYC open on Thursday nights, and it’s awesome. We customized this event specifically for the Foursquare team, but we are very excited to start doing more events in the space. Foursquare logo

Want to do something fun? Book a Scavenger Hunt tour with us. They are a bit crazy, and a bit competitive (there are prizes after all) but most of all- they are great time! Email us: [email protected]

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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