5 Fixes to Make Museums Fun Again

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Our founder, Nick Gray, was recently quoted in this Forbes article Our Museums Are Broken – These 5 Fixes Can Make Them Fun Again.


While the title is unfortunate (not all museums are broken!), and a few people can’t seem to look past our silly suggestion for nap rooms… We think there is a lot of work that some museums have to do to re-engage with their adult audiences.

How Nick thinks museums can be improved:

  1. Updated Photo Policies
  2. Cafes with Coffee, Tea, and Wine
  3. Improved Hours of Operation
  4. Nap Rooms
  5. Premium Guided Tours

A note about the Nap Rooms suggestion, from Nick:

I wasn’t going to include this, until I reflected how much I enjoyed the nap space at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo, Japan. It doesn’t have to be a physical room where people sleep – but providing a space where visitors can relax, charge their phones, and tune out for a while would be pretty awesome.

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