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Testimonials November 21, 2014 Featured Image

Last night we had an amazing adventure at the Brooklyn Museum! We hosted over forty people, from a cool NYC tech company, on a cosmically alien inspired Team Scavenger Hunt in the museum.

It was an insane amount of fun. There were costumes, lego building competitions, and a ton of ‘out-of-this-world’ selfies.

“We had a blast at the Brooklyn Museum! We ran an entirely new, interactive/ collaborative experience for the Four Square team. There were Legos, Pharaoh hats made of tin foil, photo contests, an ouija board, multimedia audio stops, and guides dressed as aliens-all to go along with the theme, of course! I’m really excited to being going in new directions with what a museum experience can be, and I am so pumped that our team includes such creative intelligent people. Looking forward to more!”
-Harry Einhorn, Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt Organizer

Here are a handful of photos from the event:

Brooklyn Museum smiles

Brooklyn Museum clouds

Brooklyn Museum skulls

Brooklyn Museum Mayan selfie

Brooklyn Museum pyramid selfie

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum LEGOs

Brooklyn Museum Egyptian

Brooklyn Museum tigers

Brooklyn Museum royalty

Want to do something fun? Take a big group of friends, or your team from work, and book a Scavenger Hunt tour with us. They are a bit crazy, and a bit competitive (there are prizes after all) but most of all- they are great time! Email us: [email protected]

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