Our Favorite Galleries in the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

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We are so thrilled to start leading tours at the de Young in San Francisco! Our staff recently visited the museum to do some research and—we’ve gotta say—the de Young has an… interesting way of curating galleries in its space. Check out our favorite actual pieces from a select few totally real galleries at the de Young!*
*Note: These galleries are totally not real. But the art is!

Since we love cool spaces and awesome galleries, we’ve decided to offer up some Hack-y suggestions for totally real objects found in the de Young’s collection.

The Gallery of Petulant Supermen

"Superman" by Mel Ramos

“Superman” by Mel Ramos

“Jimmy took my ice cream, and now I don’t have ice cream!”


Music Hall of Fame: Earth, Wind and FIIIIIIRE!!!

"Allegory of Music: Ecstasy" by David Park

“Allegory of Music: Ecstasy” by David Park

“It’s gettin’ hot in here…”


Contrapposto Butt Gallery

"Indian Nude" 19th Century American Painting

“Indian Nude” 19th Century American Painting


It sounds fancy, but really, it’s all butts. #nopants


Wing of Badass Cookbooks

"GRAN MOLE DE CALAVERAS (Grand Stew of Calaveras)" by José Guadalupe Posada

“GRAN MOLE DE CALAVERAS (Grand Stew of Calaveras)” by José Guadalupe Posada 


“No bones about it!”


Collection of Terrifying Cosplay

"Old Man with Dead Maiden" by Odd Nerdrum“Old Man with Dead Maiden” by Odd Nerdrum


“Arrgh, I can’t believe that happened. Again.”


The Hall of Nightmare Fuel

"Untitled (Face)" by José Luis Cuevas

“Untitled (Face)” by José Luis Cuevas

“I’m looking for a cheap sublet in a cozy location…preferably under your bed.”


The Weird and Unnecessary Invention Gallery

"Cards of European Nations- Switzerland" by W. J. Dickes“Cards of European Nations- Switzerland” by W. J. Dickes

“Holding things with your hands is for the birds!”


Awkward Family Portrait Wing

Family Portrait" by Gordon Lynn Bennett“Family Portrait” by Gordon Lynn Bennett


Wingin’ it? Get it? You get it? Guys?


Disappointing Tinder Date Collection

"Sida Que Amor Eterno" by  Margaret Garcia “Sida Que Amor Eterno” by Margaret Garcia


“I feel like I remember you having skin in your profile picture…”


The de Young is part of the incredible Fine Art Museums of San Francisco. It’s the most visited art museum west of the Mississippi. It has objects from around the globe, an observation town to die for… heck, even the building itself is a work of art! Find out more about our tours here. 

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