Celebrating Some Our Favorite Female Artists

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Happy Monday! Women’s History Month might have come to a close last week, but we thought we’d continue the celebration of awesome women a little longer. We asked some of our team members to pick a female artist they LOVE and tell us why.

Cheers to these – and all! – bold, fierce, wonderful, and brilliant ladies!

Artemisia Gentileschi

“I like Artemisia Gentileschi because she was bold and revolutionary. Her works depicted scenes of powerful Biblical heroines, which deviated from the standard in her time of what a female artist was “supposed to” paint.” – Sam Warnke, Scheduling + Customer Service

Joan Mitchell

“Joan Mitchell’s broad brushstrokes convey an instant emotive narrative that I can connect with. Pairing this idea with the seeming simplicity of, say, a Rothko is why expressionism is always my favorite artistic era. Both of these two have really influenced my personal work and abstraction.” – Julia Kennedy, Marketing

Elaine Sturtevant

“Sturtevant created amazing pop art.  Her work not only questioned the art establishment by breaking traditional art stereotypes but made us question what is art by using appropriation itself as an art form.” – Joseph Murphy, Marketing

Kiki Smith

“I like her because she makes people uncomfortable – her whole thing is about exploring why the female body and the things it does illicit such visceral reactions from people. Is it because the patriarchy puts a stigma on it? Or because of something deeper?” – Kate Downey, Creative Lead + Project Champion

Kara Walker

“I’m into Kara Walker because she is an amazing artist, focuses on personal and global issues. Did anyone see that sugar sphinx in Williamsburg a couple years ago? That thing blew me away.” – Diana Montano, Senior Operations + Project Coordinator

Judy Chicago

“I was introduced to Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party in a Grade 9 poetry class, weird I know! Ever since then I’ve been drawn to that piece and her work. I find inspiring, AMAZING – I love how she honors all the women, both real and mythical, in the piece.” – Moira O’Connell, Marketing Associate

Rachel Ruysch

“I really like Rachel Ruysch because: 1) She totally perfected (in my opinion) the flower still-lifes in the Netherlands at that time (yay nature!) and 2) She was super famous during her lifetime which is impressive for a female painter in the 17th century!” – Zak Martellucci, Tour Guide and Creative Associate



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