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Do you ever look at celebrities and think, boy, those two would make a great match, they should get together? We’ve all felt the urge to ship, whether it’s with real-life celebrities, the characters in our favorite books, or even great historical figures. In honor of February, the month of love, let’s put on our best overbearing matchmaker hats and take a look at Famous Artists We’d Totally Ship.

Leonardo Da Vinci & Frida Kahlo

Couple’s Name: Fri-Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was a brilliant mind and accomplished artist. Frida Kahlo was a revolutionary and empowered feminist. Just think what these two geniuses could do with their artistic powers combined. When Frida would say “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?’ she would literally be talking about the pair of wings that Da Vinci just whipped up for her in his shop. Plus, think how sick the Mona Lisa would look with a little eyebrow makeover?

Claude Monet & Georgia O’Keeffe

Couple’s Name: Mo-Keeffe

French impressionist artist Claude Monet might be a little old for “Mother of American Modernism” Georgia O’Keeffe, who liked her daisies a little fresher, but these two definitely shared a love for all things floral and landscaped. Just imagine them traveling from town to town together, stopping at every beautiful vista to set up their paints and easels to see who can paint their flowers biggest and blurriest. Their house would so full of fake flora you’d need to take allergy meds just to walk through the door.

Jackson Pollock & Vincent van Gogh

Couple’s Name: Po-Gogh

Take an unstable American abstract expressionist who liked to drink and pair him with an even more unstable Dutch post-impressionist who liked to drink and what do you get? Probably disaster. But there might be some Kurt and Courtney vibes going down when these two color-loving art masters got together and started dripping and dashing all over the place. Van Gogh could have given Pollock’s ideas some much-needed shape, while Pollock could have made van Gogh more successful and famous during his lifetime, showing van Gogh that he didn’t need to cut off his ear to be heard (too soon?).

Auguste Rodin & Viola Frey

Couple’s Name: Aug-ola

These two sculptors could take a lump of mush and make into something beautiful. The practical, realistic Rodin and the funky-fresh Frey would be a great balance to each other’s lives and work. Rodin held true to traditional techniques and values, while Frey rebelled against them. It’s that opposites-attract phenomenon that would have this peanut butter and jelly couple collaborating in more places but just the bedroom. Just imagine The Thinker, but 10 feet taller and in color!

Yayoi Kusama & Roy Lichtenstein

Couple’s Name: Lich-Sama

Even though pop artist Roy Lichtenstein seemed to be more partial to blondes, we think he could find an artistic soulmate in Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama. These two never met a dot they didn’t like. Their relationship would be like a giant cartoon come to life. They’d live in a dotted house Kusama would design, hang a couple Lichtenstein’s on the walls, maybe buy a Dalmatian or two, and spend their days and nights in the brightly colored, dot-covered world they created.  

We’ll Just Have to Keep Daydreaming…

Obviously, these couple’s could never work IRL. Because, well, for starters, a lot of them are dead. It’s still fun to think about all the potentially epic collaborations that could have happened. The next time you’re in a museum look past the pretty pictures and think about the real artists behind them who loved, and lived, and had their own version of Netflix and Chill-ing, just like us.

written with 💖 by Kayla Mahoney

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