Love Museums? 3 Facebook Marketing Tips For The Museum Professional

Marketing January 20, 2019 Love Museums? 3 Facebook Marketing Tips For The Museum Professional

As a museum professional, you know reaching new museum audiences can be a marketing challenge.  But before you even get to connecting with them, you need to understand the platforms and tools at your disposal — social media and Facebook marketing can be challenging to work with.  Museum Hack has been involved in museum marketing since we started in 2013 and we know there are a few key things can help you clear an effective path and grow your museum audience.  


The growth of Facebook over the past few years has been phenomenal and it continues to grow every day.  According to Facebook, there are over 1.71 billion monthly active users and 1.13 billion of these are daily active users of the social network.  This means around 66% of Facebook users visit Facebook daily.  Museum Hack knows that effective targeting and ad delivery can help engage these users and increase your results online and in your museum.

Know When To Post

With all these users visiting at all possible times, how do you know when to post? Well, according to a 2015 Huffington Post compiled article, Thursday and Friday are the best days to post, with primary engagement times in North America being between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. when users across the country are in their afternoon work slump.  Facebook’s publishing tools let you schedule for specific days and time slots so you can put the “when to post” on auto pilot.

Know Your Audience

As a museum insider, no one knows your audience better than you do. You know your demographics, and you know your community. When you tie this in with current demographic data from Facebook, you can really target who you want to reach online.  Did you know that a 2014/15 Pew Research Center study shows that 72% of all North American Internet users are on Facebook? 77% of women use Facebook, while 66% of men are on the social network.  The most prominent age of users is 18-29 with higher growth in the 56+ market since 2013.  In addition, 72% of Facebook users are college educated.  You can target your content by matching your demographic data to the Facebook demographics you are trying to reach.  This will achieve maximum results and engagement for your content.

Call To Action

Everyone likes posting.  Everyone likes to skim their Facebook feed and look at entertaining posts.  But did you know that posts with a call to action (CTA) drive content to greater engagement?  What does this mean?  It means that if your goal is higher engagement then you can achieve this by asking the user to do something in a post.  An example would be, “Have a friend that may want to attend our next event? Tag them in this post.” This drives engagement, sign ups, shares, and likes.  The CTA is a critical part of every post that people often forget.

We Can Help Market Your Museum with Our Audience Development Agency

We absolutely love the opportunities that Facebook advertising presents for museum audiences.  In fact, we find it so effective that we’re now working to help museums and cultural institutions utilize Facebook advertising to engage new audiences with exhibits, programs, and events.

We help tailor these ads to reach target audiences, utilizing what museums already know about their members — and the populations they want to reach — to craft customized targeting.  We also test these custom targets, as well as ad language and images, to see which messages resonate where, further helping to refine and target Facebook ads.

At the end of the advertising campaign, we produce and deliver a report on the effectiveness of Facebook advertising to meet institutional goals and our suggestions for future marketing efforts.

Interested? Learn more about our museum consulting work or email us to find out how we can help your institution design effective Facebook advertising campaigns.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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