“I will be back again soon” Excellent Private Family Tour Testimonial

Renegade Tours

Richard cameĀ on one of our Team Building Tours with his company a few months ago, and when heĀ reached out to us about a Private Family Tour, we were really happy to help him plan something memorable. He sent us this testimonial after the tour:

“I took anotherĀ tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art again and yet again it was AWESOME!Ā I was so pleased as it was a different tour than from when I brought my group in January.Ā Ā It made it a day of new discovery, which in essence, is what a visit to such a grand museum should be.Ā The tour guides were just terrific. I am so impressed with the people involved at Museum Hack as they are such a combination of “smarts” with personality that makes the tour such a pleasure. I rarely do things that take two hours where the time goes by so quickly.Ā I will be back again soon.

-Richard M., from a pharmaceutical company based in New Jersey

OurĀ private family tours areĀ designed to be fun and engaging for the whole family. They are like the Disney version of our tours, meaningĀ we skip over the adult jokes, swearing and x-rated content that we likeĀ includeĀ on our standardĀ tours. On our private family tours, weĀ focus on keeping our stories clean and positive, so that the whole family can enjoy them togetherĀ andĀ create great memories in the museum.Ā 

Stephanie Wheeler Private Family Tour May 10, 1030am (1)

To learn more how we can creating funĀ museums memories forĀ your family, find out more about our private tours,Ā or email us to info@museumhack.com.


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