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At its core, Museum Hack is a team building company. Our clients work with us to host corporate events, group workshops, and fun activities for their team to enjoy. If you are planning a “team bonding day” or just looking for some ideas on how to improve communication, cohesiveness, and serendipity amongst your team — then we can help.

On our news feed we regularly showcase testimonials and photos from activities with our clients. Recently, we had a fun group from Everybody At Once come on a private tour with us at the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in NYC.

Notice that the client thanks us for “bringing out the weird” — that’s because our museum tours are unconventional — we do yoga in front of Washington Crossing the Delaware, we take fun photos around the Temple of Dendur, and we do scavenger hunts for great beards throughout the museum.

Thanks SO MUCH for the wonderful tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Everyone on the team loved it, which is saying a lot for such an eclectic crew. Thanks so much for bringing out the weird, and we can’t wait to do it again!

Ellie Rountree, Director of Marketing & Communications for EA1 

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Museum Hack specializes in fun activities for adults, improving team communication and cohesiveness, and corporate events like our private museum tours. Interested? Please click here to get in touch.

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