Etsy’s Team Building Tour at the American Museum of Natural History

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The American Museum of Natural History is home to some of the coolest, craziest stories about science. It’s also one of our favorite spots for company team building in New York City. Earlier this month, we had the chance to treat another team from Etsy to a fantastic afternoon of bonding at the museum.

Etsy team members check out exhibits at the AMNH.
Etsy team members check out exhibits at the AMNH.

Our three-hour adventure with Etsy kicked off with a fun, guided tour of all the best spots in the museum that most visitors rarely get to see on their own. We weaved energizing team building games and activities into the tour in-between stories about the museum’s best, most interesting objects and artifacts. Our guides developed custom content for the tour based on Etsy’s company values and specific team building goals.

Etsy's team poses with the dinosaur fossils.
Etsy’s team poses with the dinosaur fossils.

During the tour, we put together a fun, customized scavenger hunt for the team. The scavenger hunts are an exciting, competitive way to encourage team performance and bonding, and the winners get to go home with an awesome prize. The team also enjoyed a quick stop during the afternoon for a refreshing glass of wine.

Etsy team members participate in a challenge.

Etsy’s group had a fabulous time on their team building adventure at the Museum of Natural History with us!

“It was great! So good. The team had such a good time and the hosts were fantastic!” – Emily S., Etsy

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