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At Museum Hack, our activities are always evolving. That means that if you came on a tour back in 2013 it would be VERY different than if you came on a tour today. And if you came on a tour last week, it would be different than the tour you would go on tomorrow.

Our ever-changing tours are a result of one of our core values: empowerment.

Yes, we make museums fun and awesome, but at our core Museum Hack is a team building company. We live these principles and teach them to our clients. One of those principles is to empower our team to come up with their own ideas. Our renegade tour guides spend hundreds of hours and dozens of trips to the museum to craft their own tours about the artifacts they are most passionate about. That passion sparks continued innovation and creativity.

Another way we build our team is by having regular training sessions where we meet up and hire a coach to train the group. These sessions are fun and focus on skills that are useful for our people. This includes learning improv theatre, voice training, and advanced game design. Our goal is for the team to bond over the activities, but also to infuse our guides with the tools and skills they need to excel at their work.

Recently, a creative group from Etsy came on one of our tours to help build their team. Throat singing? Yes! Energizing? Yes! Fun? Yes! Team Bonding? Yes! Yes! Yes!

We had a great time on our tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art – rave reviews all aroundDIAGEO. We didn’t know quite what to expect, but it certainly didn’t involve a group throat singing recital!!! We would definitely be happy to recommend you guys.

Alex W., Team Building Tour Guest with Etsy

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Find out more about our Team Building Tours. 

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