3 Ways to Engage the Millennials In Your Team

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By 2020, 50% of the global workforce will be millennials. With their growing numbers, figuring out to motivate these team members is essential.

Millennials don’t always respond well to traditional management tactics. Super strict hierarchies and rigid job descriptions don’t usually get the most out of these team member. They respond best to positive motivation, innovative rewards, and new experiences.

Here are 3 ways to engage the millennials in your team.


1. Be Flexible

Millennials need freedom and care a lot about work-life balance. They are willing to work very hard, but they need to do it on their own terms.

This could look like working less rigid hours instead of 9 to 5, allow the team member to work with you on creating a schedule that suits them (and the team better), working a few days from home or from a coffee shop will cut the monotony of office life, and keep them stimulated.

2. Invest In Your Team and Reward Performance 

Think of spending on young employees as an investment, one with a high return. Investing time and money into training and rewarding millennials will not only improve your teams skills, but they will feel more loyal and on board with your company’s mission. Commit to their development, and they will commit to your company.

Find out more about how to instantly foster growth and creativity in your team by investing in them in this article by Nick Gray (founder of Museum Hack) “The “People Investment” That Can 10x Your Team


Although money plays a large factor in how happy a team member is in their job, so do many other elements like positive motivation, innovative rewards, and new experiences.

At Museum Hack, we’ve been working with teams from all industries on creating new and fun team building experiences for millennial teams. These events are a great reward for a team who need a boost of motivation and inspiration. Find out more about our team building here.

Millennials know how to use tools like LinkedIn and Glassdoor so they can easily compare their position (which includes rewards, salary, and benefits) to others in their industry. They have the resources to find out if they are being fairly valued and compensated for their work. If you have talented employees, reward them fairly!



3. Encourage Collaboration 

Team dynamics are really important to millennials, perhaps more than the generations before them. They don’t respond well to super strict hierarchies: they have more democratic tendencies. Encourage teamwork and collaboration. It makes them feel more invested in the decision making process and will get them to buy in to the company’s mission.

Our Team Building Scavenger Hunts help your team work to achieve a clear goal together in a fun, sneaky way. The creativity and collaboration they experience in the museum will continue back in the office.

Museum Hack has created this article for employers who are looking to engage more with the millennial audiences.

Click here to learn more about how we specialize in engaging with millennials and can work with you and your team, or send us and email, we’d love to help.

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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