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Museum Hack’s ideas now crossing the language barrier! Recently, an article was written about on JSNY, a Dutch blog about life in NYC.

We got our hands on a translated version of the article, and loved the thorough review writer Joyce Sint Nicolaas gave about her experience on tour. 

For the full article, follow this link >> JSNY

I really had a super fun and interesting afternoon. Our guides were passionate art fans,  and their stories were brilliant. If you hate to huge museums, the tour is also ideal because the selection is already made for you. Afterwards you can just stay in the museum if you’ve gotten a taste.
-Joyce Sint Nicolaas, creator of JSNY

Living pictures on tour

Joyce’s Highlights from the tour were: 

  • Finding out what happened to all the missing male “bits” on ancient sculptures in Gallery 162
  • The story behind Michael Rockefeller’s adventures in New Guinea, in the Melanesia gallery. 
  • The juicy details from the life of painter Gustave Courbet (she says: “Believe me, your mouth will drop open!”)
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