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We are happy to announce that Dustin Growick has been promoted to Audience Development Outreach Manager.

In this role, he will be responsible for contacting museums and institutions around the world and finding out how we can best work together to bring in new audiences with workshops and special events.

I love working with Dustin. His enthusiasm for creating engaging experiences and his background in museum education is the perfect fit for Museum Hack. We are excited to see him take on this new role.
-Nick Gray, CEO of Museum Hack

Dustin storytelling at AMNH

Dustin will be the primary contact for museums and institutions looking to hire Museum Hack. He will also be working on creating opportunities to get Museum Hack in front of museum decision-makers, sharing what it is we do, and how we can help museums around the world engage new audiences.  Essentially, he will be the main link between institutions and Museum Hack.

“I’ve thought Dustin was the bee’s knees ever since I took his first tour at AMNH, and my admiration for him was solidified when he and I traveled to California Academy of Sciences to do a workshop for their staff. Dustin is the real deal: a consummate museum professional, an engaging innovator, damn smart and an all-around great guy. He knows museums, and has a million ideas to help them bring in new audiences, grow new programs and do crazy, awesome stuff. I’m so excited to get to work with him on Audience Development with Museum Hack, and for the stream of #dinoselfies that are sure to wind up on my phone.”
-Ethan Angelica, Head Of VIP Partnerships for Museum Hack

Dustin: That's one huge whale!

Dustin’s new role will help us create the dynamic programs for museums worldwide that Museum Hack has become known for. He will be part museum evangelist, part master networker, part proposal-writing and part program developer. His background in working with museums, education, and guiding museum adventures makes him a great fit for this new role.

We asked Dustin what he thought of his new position, and he said:

I love working for Museum Hack because because every day is a new adventure with bright and creative people all working together towards the same goal: get as many people as possible to love museums with the same nearly insane ferocity as we do.  I’m soooo excited to collaborate with more institutions who share our desire to take a step back from the status quo to reexamine and rethink the way we can foster incredibly meaningful cultural engagements. We ARE the audience museums are trying to woo, and we’ve spent a ton of time refining exactly how to best engage other Millennials and those who have become apathetic towards museums. I truly believe that the tours we facilitate and the events we help produce are the among the best cultural experiences in the world.  This may sound like a pretty outlandish claim, but I’m excited to help prove its validity every single day.
-Dustin Growick, Audience Development Outreach Manager for Museum Hack

Dustin found mice

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