Dustin besøker Norge!

Julia Kennedy

Marketing & Aud Dev Associate

Last year, tour guide and creative consultant Dustin traveled to Australia and shared his adventures down under.

This year, Dustin packed his bags and went north of the equator (way north of the equator) to Norway. We worked with the Arkeologisk Museum in Stavanger, Norway, to give a quick presentation about our methods and give their staff a chance to test our their new-found knowledge in a quick workshop.

Dustin had an amazing time traveling and had nothing but good things to say about Stavanger and the Arkeologisk Museum. Pull up a chair, leave your passport in your desk, and check out some of Dustin’s favorite photos from his trip (with his own commentary included!).

Bonus! You might even get a Bite-Sized Hack at the end.

“The streets and the street art in Stavanger were awesome!”

“This is a bantam chicken, the punk-rockiest of all the chicken breeds.”

“This is the museum! Very cute and quaint and located on the grounds of the University of Stavanger.”
“I don’t care where in the world you send me, if I’m giving a presentation I’m gonna talk about 16th century robotic German drinking games.”
“This is an assortment of giant whale bones discovered along the Norwegian coast.”
“These are Early Iron Age phallus stones aka old school eggplant emojis”

“Yours truly (Boltoph) dressed in traditional Viking garb and holding a traditional Viking longbow.”
This is my host Ellen Hagen. She’s the Manager of Education and Visitor Services at the Arkeologisk Museum. She has Viking blood, is into falconry, and is seen here tableau vivanting the oldest polar bear skeleton ever discovered in Norway.



Thanks to Dustin for sharing your adventures, and to the Arkeologisk Museum for showing us their amazing collection.

Oh yes! As promised, here’s a bite-sized hack with Dust-, special guest Boltoph.

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