Our Top Five Tips For Finding Your Dream Museum Job (And A Recap of Our First Facebook Live Event!)

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Museum Resources June 26, 2020 Our Top Five Tips For Finding Your Dream Museum Job (And A Recap of Our First Facebook Live Event!)

We recently hosted our first-ever Facebook live event to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life at Museum Hack and to talk one of our newest projects: museum.jobs!

Museum.jobs is a collection of jobs available at museums across the country. Our goal is to make it the best resource for job hunting in the museum world, particularly for Emerging Museum Professionals (EMPs).

We decided to host a Facebook live event to share museum.jobs, answer questions in real time, and offer our best tips for landing your dream job in the museum world.

Go Behind The Scenes

We kicked the event off with a conversation with CEO Nick Gray, who talked about the company’s beginnings and our ongoing goals and mission.

“We want to get them to get to join the church of the Museum!” – Nick Gray, CEO Museum Hack

Nick talks Museum Hack on our first-ever Facebook Live event.
Nick talks Museum Hack on our first-ever Facebook Live event.

Next, we sat down with Blaire Moskowitz, one of our awesome consultants who’s working to make museum.jobs an incredible resource for museum professionals. Blaire talked about museum.jobs and why we’re so passionate about the project.

Lastly, we were joined by tour guides and Team Science members Zak Martellucci and Dustin Growick and Senior Project Coordinator, Diana Montano, who answered questions from viewers about breaking into the museum industry and offered tips on landing museum dream jobs.

Exploring Museum.Jobs

Soon after, it was time to get into the nitty gritty of what museum.jobs is and to talk about what sets it apart from any other job listing website you’ve seen before.

There are more than 70 different job hunting websites in the US alone. That can get fairly overwhelming pretty fast, so we decided to hack the job hunting experience. Our goal is to create the ultimate resource to match you with your dream museum job.

For those looking to break into the field, we’re casting a wide net with posted jobs so EMPs can find entry-level jobs.

Our site features more jobs looking for candidates with one-to-three years of experience, perfect for those starting out in the museum world. We also feature jobs for seasoned museum vets, (which helps EMPs think about their career goals, and scope out jobs they would love to have down the line).

Become part of museum.jobs!

For those who are looking to post on our site, it’s easy and FREE!

Fill out our online job submission form, or e-mail the job announcement to [email protected] as text pasted into the e-mail message area. Don’t worry, job seekers don’t apply through us; we link back directly to your page so you can manage the entire hiring process.

Both EMPs and those already entrenched in the museum industry will enjoy our museum.jobs blog. We’ll be featuring tips for EMPs, and short Q&As with cool people in cool museums who are doing cool things.

Our Top Five Tips For Breaking Into The Museum World

Zak, Diana, and Dustin offer their best museum job hunting tips.

And of course, this recap wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk about our top museum job hunting tips that we shared during the Facebook Live event.

1) Master It

There are many ways to gain experience for your future career and not everyone needs to earn a Masters degree, but you should become an expert.

No single degree program will offer the magic formula to help you land your dream job. Your degree is just possible path to carving out a career path you love.

Identify a passion or interest, and seek out opportunities that will foster that interest. Try applying for internships at different types of museums, and learn how your department functions at museums of different sizes and disciplines.

Specializing in one or two niche areas works for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be for everyone! Some enjoy being a jack of all trades, which will cater to the “other duties as assigned” you see on so many job listings. Focus on your interests and build your experiences around them.

2) Side Hustle

Never hide your excitement about museums! Passion is one of the things we look for in our tour guides, and your dream job will take note if you show how much you love what you do. Genuine passion helps fuel you to expand your network, and makes you stand out.

“Find your weirdness, find your passion, and let that shine through” – Dustin Growick, Audience Development + Team Lead For Science

Are you working on a personal project? Chances are it will serve you as a talking point in an interview. Emphasize your personal passion and show you take initiative outside the office.

3) Get Social

Museum professionals are all about Twitter, and sub-groups in the museum world have organized semi-formal weekly or monthly chats to discuss ideas with colleagues.

EMPs should take part in the discussion and use it as a chance to build a network of contacts far and wide.

EMPs even have their own on-going discussion: #EMPchat, which is moderated by @msjskennedy that serves as a channel to chat about issues, problems, or questions just for those new to the field. Other networks also have great EMP and museum groups, like those found on Facebook or r/MuseumPros on Reddit.

4) Consider Other Factors

Figure out what museum type is good for you.

Do you love being outdoors? Do you want to be in a big city?

Understanding your needs geographically will help you narrow down the types of jobs to look for.

Don’t forget to expand what your idea of what a museum jobs can be. Museum vendors, local governments, or even higher ed universities all can allow you to get museum experience off the beaten path.

5) Use Museum.Jobs!

And lastly, be sure to keep checking museum.jobs to see the latest jobs open in the field, and find your perfect match!

We want to make this website the best resource for those job hunting in the museum field.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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