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Diana from Diana Does Museums has recently joined forces with Museum Hack! We are peached to have her on our team. She will be working on different projects aimed at making our tours even more amazing. Read below to find out about her desire to live in Berlin and her inability to pass a museum gift shop without buying something small.

MH: What do you do for Museum Hack?

DM: My official title is Museum Tour Operations Associate. My unofficial title is Doer of Many Things. I do scheduling! I do supplies ordering! I create content for YouTube and our blog! I assist tour guides with logistics busy tours! I help our Museum Consulting Team with calls and museum contacts! Basically, I make sure things get done.

MH: Tell us about one of your favorite Museum Hack experiences.

DM: Before I even worked for Museum Hack, I created a video about the company and why their tours are making museums way more awesome (you can find that video HERE!). I knew the tours would be amazing, but my First Ever Museum Hack Tour with Dustin and Zak at AMNH was mind-blowing. I had been to the natural history museum tens of times, with my friends, with my family, alone, and yet I will always hold that experience closest to my heart. We played games, we took dino selfies, we learned about the museum and the history… I can honestly say I have never had a more fun time with strangers than I did on that tour.

MH: What’s a big goal in your life?

DM: I would really like to live in another country for at least a year! I didn’t get a chance to do this during my undergrad or graduate degree (although I did get to spend 2 months in California for an internship in grad school), but if I ever got a chance to move to London, to Toronto, or Berlin, I don’t think I’d have the ability to say no.

MH. What’s are 3 fun facts that most people don’t know about you?

  • I can’t walk into a new museum’s gift store without buying something small;
  • I have very slight eczema, mostly confined to my right ring finger (no idea why only there, life is a mystery);
  • I hate decorative pillows.

MH: If you had to be trapped in the Museum overnight, what would you do?

DM: I would find a way to stay there indefinitely. Are you kidding me? I pay an outrageous amount for rent and utilities because NYC is wonderful but so expensive – if there were a chance for me to give that place up and instead live in a museum, literally my favorite place in the world (whichever museum it is, it doesn’t matter), I would try and stay put for as long as I could.

MH: If you could work at any other museum, which one would you choose?

DM: The Exploratorium in San Francisco. It’s beautiful. It’s so expansive that it seems never-ending. It makes learning about biology and kinetics and your body utterly fascinating. It’s situated on a pier with beautiful views. Art museums are my bread and butter, but boy, do I love the Exploratorium.

Thank you, Diana,  for everything you do for Museum Hack! To find out more about our team, please visit our Meet the Team page.

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