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Exciting News: Diana Montano has been promoted to the role of Museum Hack’s Tour Operations & Project Coordinator.

In this new role Diana will be the maestro at the museum, working with our Renegade Guides and support team to ensure we continue to deliver world class tours, innovate on new projects, and make sure we see these projects through to completion. Diana will also be accountable for creating reliable systems to keep all of us running smoothly.

“Diana has consistently brought enthusiasm and creativity to her work with Museum Hack, and has been extremely reliable when it comes to ‘getting it done’. Day to day I rely on her to manage existing projects for us, start new initiatives and see them through to completion. I’m excited to to continue working with Diana as she grows in this new role.
-Nick Gray, CEO of Museum Hack

Diana, excited about her new promotion

Diana will be working in a dual capacity on both Tour Operations and as Project Coordinator. With our world class museum tours continuing to gain traction in NYC, DC and SF, plus the growth of our business into private contracting and other areas, we have a new challenge — ensuring that as we grow we keep our high standards for quality and creativity. Diana will be the person we rely on to make sure we have the right people where they need to be and continuing to build out and maintain our best practices. Also, Diana will lead the hiring, training and management of our special guests, including photographers, musicians and magicians.

“Working with Diana these last few months has been great. When we’ve collaborated on projects together she is super responsive. Plus she is fun and pleasant to be around.”
Michael Alexis, Growth Manager at Museum Hack

Diana Montano is ready to take on anything

As Project Coordinator, Diana will be a central hub of information and resources for the company. She will keep an eye on how projects progress, and help remove barriers and roadblocks to getting tasks done on time. At the same time, Diana will be keeping us all accountable to do our best work, and supporting the team with systems and processes that make that happen. We are excited to have Diana as the Project Coordinator because she will keep a birds eye view of our business, connecting different projects, departments and resources so we continue to grow quickly and with minimum friction.

We checked in with Diana and asked her how she feels about the new role:

“I now get the chance to get a birds eye view over all of the projects we are working on as a company in addition to making sure all the tours are running efficiently! It’s really exciting to get more responsibilities, as well as be able to help my colleagues do their best work in all areas of the business. That’s what I do best: support my coworkers so they can focus entirely on the weird, fantastic, creative projects we are best known for!”
Diana Montano, Tour Operation + Project Coordinator at Museum Hack

And what’s the best part about working with Museum Hack?

I like being able to work in museums, but being able to support all the crazy things that start-ups can do. It’s a great combination of my love of and dedication to museum work, and my desire to do as much out-of-the-box thinking and creating as possible.
Diana Montano, Tour Operation + Project Coordinator at Museum Hack

Congratulations to Diana on her promotion and new role! If you want to learn more about working with Museum Hack, check out our About Page and Careers Page.

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