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How important is cultivating an online presence as a museum in 2015?

According to this report published by PGAV Destinations — it is essential.

We’ve sexified and summarized the report for you. This slider highlights the ideas and stats that explore why technology is important for creating connections with your audience.

Destinology Museums and Technology title

Destinology - Technology is just one ingredient in the mix of creating a fantastic visitor experience. But how important is it?

Destinology - Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Destinology - You're looking to create the most fantastic experience for your visitors: To inspire them. To teach them. To thrill them. To move them to rally towards a cause.  You're also trying to support your museum.

Destinology - What impact does the presence of technology have on your guests' satisfaction, and your bottom line?

Destinology - It's important.  Nearly two thirds of respondents said that improved technological features or advancements make them more likely to visit

Destinology - Before your visitors are even in your parking lot, they're measuring you up online

Destinology - Top quality technology drives visitors to come, stay longer, and tell others

Destinology - Technology is a major influencer in visitor satisfaction and can drive them to become vocal advocates for you. The problem is, as an industry, we're not yet up to par with what they want

Destinology - 74% of guests are still drawn into their little handheld screens.  Are they missing the museum by staring at their smartphone?

Destinology - Ensure your destination looks as attractive by travel review sites, WiFi, and a great app

Destinology - Museum guests are looking for experiential technology and functional technology

Destinology - Commit resources to technology that your guests prefer - make their visit exceed the most speculative expectations

Destinology - know your audience

Destinology credits

The original report “The Arts and Science Destinology: Digitizing Destinations 3.0” was created and published by PGAV Destinations.

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