What Exactly is “Experience Consulting?”

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Corporate Consulting November 19, 2019 What Exactly is “Experience Consulting?”

Our name may be Museum Hack, but don’t be fooled — we can “hack” anything.

Give us parameters and a problem, and we’ll come up with a slew of out-of-the-box, interesting ideas to solve it.

Many companies have a need or desire for an outside eye to help craft what they’re trying to say in a more human, relatable way. With Experience Consulting, that’s exactly what we provide! It’s like translating a story from French to English – but translating from institutional language to a human language instead.

Telling stories that are engaging and relatable is at the heart of what we do.
Telling stories that are engaging and relatable is at the heart of what we do.

What goes into each Experience Consulting event?

When Mark, our Experience Consulting Creative Producer, gets on the phone with clients, his goal is to show them exactly why our museum-inspired approach is the ideal way to meet their needs — and how we can customize this approach to focus on their company’s unique challenges, needs, and values.

It’s surprising how effective something as simple as having fun together can be.

Having a great time is key to having a great experience.
Having a great time is key to having a great experience.

There’s a pleasure in learning new things, and as adults, we don’t often have that opportunity. We spend our days producing things for businesses and then producing things at home. There’s not a lot of time to be inspired or artistic.
Through these events and projects that take a Museum Hack approach, our clients feel like they’re “off the clock,” but all the while, we’re engaging with them on a deeper level.

But… this only works in museums, right?

Our Experience Consulting clients have questioned our name a time or two:

“You call yourselves Museum Hack. Don’t you just work with museums?”

The simple answer is “no” — but we do use our successes in revolutionizing the museum space to influence our content creation process for our Experience Consulting projects.

Here’s the thing: Museums aren’t just big buildings with a lot of stuff in them.

Museums are where people go to get inspired.

Museums are a source of inspiration and thinking, and they offer us a longer viewpoint since so many time periods are represented.

Through museums, we get a better understand of how people have been talking, thinking, and communicating for a very long time — and that understanding bleeds into other aspects of business and life itself.

We take institutions that are typically set in their ways and created something new in them — and people want to know how we can do that for their business. They want us to tell their story in a way that’s as compelling and engaging as what our guides do for pieces in the museum’s collection.

Our methods of engagement inside the museum work just as well outside the museum, too.
Our methods of engagement inside the museum work just as well outside the museum, too.

What are some specific examples of successful Experience Consulting events we’ve done?

We recently worked with a data analytics company that focuses on catastrophe modeling. Their team was surprised and totally amped up to discover that our tour guide dug deep into their history and found the first-ever example of earthquake detection — a Chinese artifact from thousands of years ago that was the first to accurately predict when an earthquake was coming and which cardinal direction it was from the emperor’s capital.

That story that seemed so out of left field at the time became core and crucial to this business in thinking about themselves as more than just data and software. They’re part of an effort and a story that’s been going on for millions of years.

Another time, a pharmaceutical rep who came on a family tour with us said the sales people he worked with could use help better communicating the medication they were trying to sell. He noted that things they talked about with their audiences often came off as dull, boring, and technical. That didn’t exactly compel people to want to stick their necks out and go for this medicine. They asked for our help in communicating differently, and we got to work!

We approached this workshop the same way we’d approach any tour guide workshop — what if we broke all the rules and changed the way we spoke about this? What if we treated this medicine as a work of art — how do we tell a compelling story about it?

By learning from our tips, tricks, and insights, our Experience Consulting clients are able to use our methods to transform the way they communicate their own story with their target audiences.

A group enjoys stories at the museum.
A group enjoys the unexpected stories of the museum.

How is Experience Consulting effective for museums?

Mark likes to joke that Museum Hack is “inspiration for hire.”

We find these connections because we’re looking at these companies from the outside, using the same eyes we use to look at art and sculptures and hallways of the museum.

There are a lot of untapped riches in simply changing the way we approach interacting with information. If we just tweak some things and take things seriously in a different way… and not-so-seriously in a different way. If we use different words than you’d expect, we can really reignite some appreciation for what these companies or organizations are trying to do. We can foster some understanding and give people context for why all this matters.

The goal is to see your company, product, or service in new and unexpected ways.
The goal is to see your company, product, or service in new and unexpected ways.

Who benefits from Experience Consulting?

The Client

Ultimately, we think experience consulting benefits the people whose job it is to communicate what the company is doing and why it’s important. These people get a lot more “ammunition in their tank.” This could be an actual specific story we came up with for a beauty product they’re trying to sell or digging back into the company’s history and talking about an early example of how service-oriented their founder was in coming up with a training program so people who have to actually say those words and mean them get a lot out of what we have to bring to the table.

We promise you’ll have a great time – and find a little inspiration along the way.

The Consumer

Others who benefit from Experience Consulting are actually the recipients of that information. These people get inspired and psyched. These are the people who are going to come to the resorts where we’ve put together an interactive event. They’ll get to see and appreciate the space in a whole new way because of the way we worked.
As a result of our Bloomingdale’s scavenger hunt, for example, customers explored Bloomingdale’s in a whole new way, finding things to buy that they otherwise would never have seen.

The Consultant 

Lastly, we benefit from experience consulting. Projects like these allow us to stretch our creative muscles in pulling out stories and games that make ideas resonate with people.

It’s all an experiment in finding new ways of engaging with people. We watch new things unfold and get opportunities to shape it.

We’re figuring it out as we go, but as we learn, we discover that more and more things that really work in the museum arena are really working outside of it, as well.

And that’s f****** awesome.


written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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  1. Matthew
    July 1, 2019 at 2:21 pm

    Well said and well written; an evocative paradigm shift away from what hasn’t worked in the past.

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