An Afternoon of Custom Team Building in San Francisco: “It made a huge difference.”

Corporate November 23, 2019 An Afternoon of Custom Team Building in San Francisco: “It made a huge difference.”

Powerhouse communications company Decker Communications likes to start every new year with a bang. Each year, team members from offices on both coasts come together to celebrate the start of a new year and to plan the company’s goals and visions for the coming months.

Decker tends to go all out for these meetings. To start 2016, they brought in famed comedy empire Second City — and they knew that Second City’s stars would be a tough act to follow in 2017.

A group enjoys a custom team building tour at the de Young in San Francisco.

That’s where we come in!

Company executives reached out to see if we could help energize their 2017 kickoff event in San Francisco. The group would gather for business until it was time to meet with us at the de Young Museum of Fine Arts for an afternoon of customized team building and creative storytelling.

“Not Canned and Cookie Cutter, But Thoughtful and Intentional”

Event organizers were intrigued by our ability to work Decker’s company values, visions, and goals into an afternoon at the museum.

They spent time reading about our work with previous clients before deciding they liked what we had to offer; they were particularly intrigued by the way we think about experiences and how we offer completely custom events.

Decker had a handful of key goals for their kickoff event:

  • They wanted to learn. “We want to learn. We want to get smarter. We want to be thinking about things differently and viewing things from a different lens, so I loved the idea of touring the museum with a completely different way of thinking about it with a completely different level of insight.”
  • They wanted to connect and interact. Decker’s group included team members from both coasts who aren’t able to spend much time bonding. The company significantly values any opportunities they have to spend time together; it was crucial to executives that team members were able to interact, connect, and get to know each other better.
  • They wanted a custom experience. Decker loved our ability to craft an event specifically and solely for their company, their values, and their mission.
  • They wanted to have a great time!

You made it interactive, fun, and unexpected.”

Our expert tour guides got to work planning a two-and-a-half hour custom team building experience for Decker’s 33 guests. We broke the large group down into smaller segments, working with Decker to intentionally group people based on their location and job roles. We then took them on our signature unconventional museum tour, all while tailoring the specific tour content to the company’s values.

“It all mapped back to us. They had chosen these pieces because of who we are as a company. That was really fantastic. It wasn’t just because it was interesting – it made it personal. It made it beyond a cool museum tour and into something that really mattered to our employees.”

We also treated attendees to our most popular competitive team building activities, mind-blowing stories, our best interactive games, and a custom storytelling workshop designed exclusively for Decker.

Tour guide Kate created this Harriet Tubman rap to demonstrate their company value of “Have Fun, Seriously,” all while focusing on the day’s theme of overcoming challenges:

The storytelling workshop featured Decker’s goals for their kickoff meeting. Each person was challenged to tell a story using a work of art in the gallery (Museum Hack style!) that connected to a personal time in their lives where they triumphed over adversity, a key focus for the event.  

“It made a huge difference.”

When we talked to event organizers afterwards, they were most excited by our willingness to explain – and tweak! –  our plans for customization well before the day of the event.

“For you guys to come in and take the time and energy to really understand, that was huge. For Kate and Mark to walk us through the exercises and get feedback beforehand was really useful. There were things proposed where I was like, ‘you know, I think that’s tying back to our value, but this is what that value really is, and we loved that. It was very collaborative and we appreciated it. It made a huge difference.”

We had an amazing time planning a custom afternoon of team building in San Francisco for Decker Communications! Would your company or team benefit from bonding as a team? We’d love to talk with you about your team building needs!

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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