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Our newest tours at San Francisco’s de Young Museum have been transforming the way the museum audiences, both old and new, feel about the museum.

Read some of our favorite recent testimonials here.

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“We loved seeing the de Young under the guidance of Casey. She explored this super unique space in a totally different way than I would have imagined, combined games and facts seamlessly, and had some beautiful thoughts about the functionality of art which I loved (won’t give away anymore!). Do yourself a favor and set aside some time for this tour!”
-James Y.

Mark leads a tour group

“I had heard awesome things about Museum Hack’s tours in NY, so I was excited to see that they have chosen to extend their reach to SF! I had never been to the de Young before, and this tour was perfect for a first taste! I say taste because you really do just get to see snippets of different exhibits. It made me want to go back as soon as I can! They also give you a really great history of the Museum. Our guide, Casey, was fantastic, and so enthusiastic about the art and stories behind the art. I highly suggest this activity for date night, with friends, or with a group for team building! You cannot go wrong with a Museum Hack experience.”
-Delaney L.

Casey leads a Museum Hack tour group in the de Young

“After the awesome NY Met tour with Ethan, I thought nothing could match it, but the de Young tour with Casey recreated the magic–with an SF twist! Both thoughtful and sassy, the MH tour grabs your attention in a way traditional museum tours usually don’t. You can’t help but want to learn more about each piece or exhibit you visit. The wit and the details fly quickly, and the tour covers a lot of ground, so wear comfortable shoes, and, if you can, plan to stay a bit after the tour to explore more of the museum on your own. Great activity to do alone, with a partner or friend, or in a small group, but leave little kids, stuffy friends, and old-fashioned relatives at home.”
-Bradley G.

Casey helps a guest take a living picture at the de Young
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