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Wow! Having never been to the Met, our family of four had no idea what to expect. Museum Hack to the rescue. Their rogue tour is at once epic and intimate. Our guide ushered us on a whirlwind tour of the facility, stopping to share little-known details about many of the exhibits. The tour was very interactive and the private guide made sure we spent time at areas in which WE were interested. There was plenty of discussion. Even our two teenage boys, who are generally underwhelmed with everything, really got into the spirit. We hope to visit NYC and the Metropolitan Museum of Art again very soon.

ā€“ Dave Dodson, Atlanta Georgia USA

Iā€™m posting a few testimonials from the last few months when we were giving private tours to friends and family. See more testimonials here, or email us info@museumhack.com to book you own private tour.

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