How To Up Your Customer Service Game

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Stories May 13, 2019 How To Up Your Customer Service Game

There’s a lot that goes into offering awesome customer service, but at Museum Hack, we think it all boils down to a few simple traits: quality, friendliness, and speed.

We’ve compiled some of our top tips for implementing these three things in all aspects of your museum’s customer support approach.

Know the tools of the trade

Before anything else, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the tools you’re using to respond to customer tickets so you can use them to their full potential.

Ask yourself:

  • Where do your inbound emails go?
  • Where do your calls go?
  • What kind of analytics can you take away from those platforms?
  • How can those analytics help you get better?

It’s likely that your platform of choice offers the option to run reports on various stats, and these reports will be key in understanding what improvements need to be made.

If you want to boost your customer support response, you need to know your starting point — and to do that, you have to have the tools in place to give you something measurable.

We use Groove, and we get a ton of analytics from it, such as our average first response time, how many tickets require a reply, the lifespan of our average ticket from first email to last, and how many responses it takes to resolve a ticket. We also label each ticket so we know how many people are emailing us about admission, team building experiences, or rescheduling their tours, for example.

When we committed to whittling down the average amount of time it takes us to respond to an initial customer email, we first took a look at where we were starting from. We began tracking our response times by day, by month, by year – and by the agent responding.

All of these numbers helped us get a sense of how we’re doing over time both as a team and as individual support agents, which was essential to understanding what changes we needed to make.

Get the need for speed

We strive for an average response time of one hour or less from the time a customer reaches out to us. If you’re getting in touch because you have a question (especially when you’re displeased with something), you want an answer as quickly as possible!

A number of companies send an automatic canned reply to all inbound emails stating that they’ll get back to you “within 24-48 hours.” You won’t find that at Museum Hack. We believe replying to customer messages as soon as possible sets you apart.

We aim for quick responses for all inquiries, though — not just the unhappy ones.

People have so many options available to them now for corporate team building, bachelorette parties, and other services we offer. The faster we get them the information they need, the better!

If they reach out to five companies for questions and we’re the last to respond, they’ve likely already found information from our competitors first and have written us off — or they got excited about the information they received from the first company to respond and decided to go with their services instead of ours.

By giving them all the facts as fast as we can, we help our customers make a decision quickly and get excited about what we have to offer.

Looking for an easy way to up your response speed? Embrace the canned reply — but be flexible with it! You don’t want to sound like a robot.

We utilize canned responses for our most frequent inquiries, but we personalize them by addressing the customer by name, thanking them for reaching out, and having each agent put their own unique spin on responses.

Canned responses will help you save time in the long run, but don’t get into the habit of relying too heavily on them, or the personalized nature of your customer service interaction goes out the window.

Make sure the style and tone is reflective of your organization.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Every company has policies in place — it’s important to have guidelines for how to handle common situations! — but there are times where a customer’s situation isn’t a perfect fit for the standard protocol. Think about how you would feel if you were in the customer’s situation. Our guiding principles for these situations?

  • Be reasonable.
  • Be flexible.
  • Use your best judgment when it comes to give and take.

If your customer is unhappy, listen to their concerns. Understand exactly why they’re displeased, show them you’re taking steps to fix that problem, and actually fix the problem. Our tours are totally covered by our 100% money back guarantee, and we’re happy to honor that, but we also want to be sure we understand why someone might not have been fully satisfied so we can continually better our services.

We aim for support that makes our customers as happy as they are on our museum tours.

…And have a little fun.

Be relatable! It all boils down to letting your customer know there’s a living, breathing human being on the other end of the phone (or behind the computer screen).

Museum Hack is a company with a lot of personality, and we like to reflect that personality in every aspect of our business — including customer support! If you write in to us, you’re not going to get a boring, stiff response. We inject the same fun, friendly energy into our customer support responses that our customers have come to expect from our museum tours.

We’ve all gotten a customer support response that was a little flat or boring. At Museum Hack, we try to lighten it up with fun language, exclamation points (but not too many!), and emojis. We want to give the kind of customer service experience that we, personally, would want to receive.

Don’t be afraid to inject your company’s unique personality into your messaging! Have fun with it, be friendly, and try to make your customer’s day.

We support you!

Taking advantage of the information provided in your help desk platform reports and keeping your responses fast, fun, and friendly will go a long way in seriously upping your customer support game.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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