How A Custom-Made Scavenger Hunt Helped Improve Office Communication Skills

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Team Building Resources November 19, 2019 How A Custom-Made Scavenger Hunt Helped Improve Office Communication Skills

Scavenger hunts are awesome.

They’re one of our favorite activities for company team building and private museum tours alike. Scavenger hunts are super fun, easily customizable, and we can design them to promote almost any value or goal you can imagine, from communication skills to teamwork to having a great time while competing against colleagues or friends.

Several months ago,, a custom website building company with offices around the world, reached out to us to talk scavenger hunts and team building.

CEW Scavenger Hunt planning
Creativity and collaboration are required to win this epic scavenger hunt.

A Custom Scavenger Hunt For Better Communication’s group had very specific team building goals for their afternoon out of the office with Museum Hack. The team wanted to focus entirely on improving their technological communication skills. As a company heavily entrenched in the tech world, it was imperative to that their employees were masters of communicating well online. And while team building activities to promote office communication skills are our forte, team building activities to promote technological communication skills weren’t something we’d tackled before.

We loved the new challenge!

Right off the bat, we knew a custom scavenger hunt designed solely for and the company’s individual needs was the perfect solution.

The rules of a scavenger hunt.

Mission: Finding The Hidden Museum Tour Guide

We set to work planning a new two-hour customized event that would feature a quick tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art before we turned the group loose on the museum in an amazing-race-style competition.

The group’s tour guide took the team of five employees to some of our favorite pieces in the Met. We revealed the amazing, surprising stories behind several incredible objects, and, once the team was armed with new, strategic knowledge about the museum, it was time to reveal their mission for the afternoon.

Each of the five members of the team was assigned a specific gallery in the museum to serve as their starting point for the race. After instructing each racer on where to begin, the guide hid himself in a secret location. From there, the only communication the team members were allowed to have was with their guide — via text message. It was up to each participant to figure out how to find their tour guide who was hidden deep inside one of the museum’s galleries using only their phones.

Another group has a great time revealing their scavenge hunt findings.
Another group has a great time revealing their scavenger hunt findings.

As soon as the clock started ticking on the race, each participant sent selfies they took with the pieces in the various galleries they found while they moved through the museum. Their guide would reply with clues hinting at his hidden location. The guide also sent special instructions to find and take selfies of certain objects that would help point the racers in the right direction. At the end of the competition, the guests were presented with a super cool prize – an awesome photo album custom made with pictures taken during the hunt! loved their custom scavenger hunt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! The hunted allowed each participant to learn more about the museum’s incredible collections, while promoting stronger technological communication skills and specific company strategies. We loved coming up with a new custom hunt to help meet their team building goals!

Does your team have a specific goal to reach? We’d love to help plan a custom team building event that’ll meet your company’s individual needs. Get in touch for more details by emailing [email protected] or calling 1-800-210-9676.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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