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5 Startup Executives Talk About Maintaining Employee Motivation in the Office

A happy team makes for a productive team. When it comes to launching a startup, assembling the right team is essential. But hiring good people is only the first step.

What comes next is constantly putting in the effort to maintain the motivation of employees. We talked to five startup executives to uncover their secrets for keeping their employees happy and productive at work. These business leaders shared tips on how to make the workplace a welcoming environment, foster good morale in the office, and provide continual support for team members.

1. Create a safe space for employees to be themselves. 

“The best way to motivate your employees is to give them permission to really be themselves. At Plum, we have a saying called “BYOS” which stands for “Bring Your Own Self.” That means we encourage our employees to be their whole selves at work all the time and find purpose in their work, because that’s the basis for creative, innovative thinking. We’ve always lived by these core Plum truths – we all wear our hearts on our sleeves. At the end of the day, business is always personal and that starts with empowering your employees to come to work exactly as they are.” — Ben Mand, Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing & Innovation of Plum Organics

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Why is Museum Hack Talking About Leadership?

What do an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, a Chinese pirate, and an English queen have to do with leadership? Funnily enough, quite a lot. If you are a modern leader or a new leader striving for greatness, join us for Leadership Bootcamp and find out how history can help you refine your skills!

What is Leadership Bootcamp? At Museum Hack, we believe that honing your own individual leadership styles, improving self-awareness, and cultivating critical leadership skills are the keys to making great leaders. That’s why we crafted Leadership Bootcamp, a one-day intensive workshop focused on leadership training inspired by the Museum Hack methodologies of persuasion and challenging the system. We take inspiration from old masters and show you how we actively disrupt a museum experience to inspire you to disrupt your own.

To delve deeper into the basics of our leadership training and help you get to know the workshop, we sat down with Kate Downey, our Creative Lead and Project Champion, who has been working on Leadership Bootcamp from the start. Keep reading to get a glimpse into the birth of Leadership Bootcamp, the highlights of the most recent workshop, and how a training session like this can help transform your leaders.

Kate leading a workshop.
Kate leading a workshop.

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5 Famous Startups Share Their Best Team Building Tips

The first word that comes to mind when we talk about remote work usually isn’t team building. But coming together as a team is just as important for companies who have remote workers as it is for companies with location-based employees. Fun activities that promote communication help companies build strong, tight-knit teams and keep employees excited and happy! You might need to get a little more creative with your remote team bonding activities, but the investment will be worth it.

We asked 5 companies who are pros at managing remote workers how they keep their remote teams happy and hardworking. These unique remote team building tips are sure to inspire your employees, foster camaraderie, and drive success in the remote office.

A group gets ready to take on a team building scavenger hunt.
A group gets ready to take on a team building scavenger hunt.

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The Museum Life Interviews Museum Hack on VoiceAmerica

Museum Hack provides non-traditional tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History. The tour guides are professional, well-educated and outrageously funny. They also have a lot to teach the museum community about digging deep to get the best stories, respecting audiences and having fun. Join me as I talk with Founder & CEO Nick Gray and VIP Tour Guide Ethan Angelica.
-Carol Bosset, The Museum Life on VoiceAmerica

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Skift interviews Nick about Passion-Based Entrepreneurship

Nick Gray

Skift has written a fantastic article about chasing your passion, and what we are doing here at Museum Hack. Journalist Samantha Shankman sits down with founder Nick Gray to talk about what makes Museum Hack tours so special. Read the full article “Museum Hack Founder on Passion-Based Entrepreneurship” 

“When I go to a new city, I want to get the real experience. I think a lot of people want that, it’s not a unique want. We try to show you the museum like a real New Yorker would. I think it’s these boutique experiences. I think that people are definitely willing to pay for these boutique experience because it’s real.”

-Nick Gray, Founder of Museum Hack

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