Museum Hack’s Contemporary Salon Event in Brooklyn

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Consulting April 15, 2015 Featured Image

On a Tuesday in February, we hosted a fabulous gathering in Brooklyn that brought together young professionals, social media influencers, entrepreneurs, museum professionals, and all around super cool people.  


We likened it to a contemporary salon, the evening included presentations on hacked objects, fun and crazy activities, networking opportunities, a lot of active and awesome brains, and of course, happy hour specials!

During the Event:

  • There were a handful of mini-talks and activities, mixed in with drinks and mingling.
  • AMNH tour guides Zak and Kelly taught everyone about a crazy dinosaur with massive arms.
  • AMNH tour guide Jared introduced us to a ridiculously fun game, where people got into groups and there was some very creative interpretive dancing.
  • Met tour guides Harry and Lia gave an awesome performance, singing about Gloabl epi. 
  • People from all walks of life got a chance to mingle and hang out, getting to know people they might not normally meet.

Here is a photo of our Metropolitan Museum of Art Tour Guide Harry Einhorn in front of a projection of one of our favorite pieces in the Met, Venus and Cupid by Lorenzo Lotto. 

Brooklyn Harry speaking

We love gathering curious minds together and watching what happens. 

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