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The National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design in Oslo, Norway has hired Museum Hack to host workshops and give presentations. Three of our museum engagement experts will be working there from November 23-28, 2014.

Museum Hack specializes in helping people have fun at museums. The traditional experience does not work for everyone, and it shouldn’t have to. We adopt the perspective that museums can be fascinating, inspiring places instead of overwhelming, exhausting, intimidating, or just plain boring.

Ethan, Mark, and Jessye from our team will be talking about how Museum Hack approaches the challenges of engaging new audiences in a shifting cultural climate. They will provide examples of tools and methods used on our unconventional museum tours.

Our main goals will be to teach:

  • Techniques for reading an audience.
  • How using personal passion for the subject matter makes you more enthusiastic, and a more engaging speaker.
  • Gallery activities and custom games to engage visitors.
  • Effective uses for smartphones and technology in galleries.

We will also be brainstorming new ways to use activities in this national institution.

About the Team

Mark Kennedy

Mark Kennedy oversees the development of new content and products (such as a Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt) and, as an experimental theatre director, collaborates with staff to inject theatricality into the tour experience.

Ethan Angelica

Ethan Angelica is a theatre artist and museum educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He is one of our VIP tour guides who also assists in the development of thematic tours. Ethan holds an honors degree in Drama and Middle Eastern Studies from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Jessye Herrell

Jessye Herrell is Museum Hack Tour Guide. She uses her background in the media arts and a strong belief in the importance of arts education to give passionate tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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