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Mark Kennedy is Museum Hack’s VIP Sales Manager & Outreach Hacker.  He works directly with companies, from small businesses to large corporations, to build custom experiences for their teams.  Recently, he built an amazing team building experience for a leading internet advertising agency that focused on connecting cultures. Today, he shares that experience with you!

I got a call from Julie about her small, but mighty team that was working very fast in Internet advertising. A new member of her team had just arrived from India to work in town for a couple of months on a few projects.

When I got that call from Julie, I couldn’t help thinking that this was exactly what Museum Hack loves to do: creating custom-made experiences so that we can solve the very real problems that your team might be facing.

We’ve definitely all been there with teams that work together remotely. People might get along very well from behind the safety of a screen, but the situation becomes much more volatile when the team members meet in person.

For example, recently Nick and I went to Switzerland.  While there, I led an audience engagement workshop with the Basel Historical Museum. Our marketing and social media manager Esther was going to cohost with me. Though we’d worked together a lot in the past via Google Hangouts and email, this was the first time we were actually meeting each other in person.

Mark, Esther, and Nick in Switzerland selfie
Mark, Esther, and Nick in Switzerland.

As if that wasn’t a big enough of a challenge, we were meeting in an entirely new country AND fighting jet lag!  This was a pretty big adjustment!  We found our common ground, however; we’re both from Canada originally.  This gave us a common culture to tap into together. The workshops were successful and Esther and I got the chance to get to know each other much better.

Julie faced the challenge of how to quickly integrate a team that was composed of people from very different cultures – a situation that was admittedly already causing a little bit of friction.

Julie and her co-workers did not have that common culture, but luckily Museum Hack’s corporate events feature the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is an encyclopedic museum – its job is to represent all cultures through its collections!

Before the tour, our guides pulled together some of the best stories from the Metropolitan Museum of Art that connected different cultures.

For example, Harry has a deep understanding of certain cultural traditions of eastern Asia.  Furthermore, Museum Hack also boasts amazing guest musicians like Max who have an incredible wealth of knowledge of Indian classical music.

Connecting cultures Harry leading a tour in the musical instruments gallery
Harry leading a tour of the musical instruments gallery.

We customized a tour for Julie’s team that focused on exploring the stories and myths of these cultures – both East and Southeast Asian. We also focused specifically on mindfulness from which, let’s be honest, any office can stand to benefit!

With this incredible opportunity to be mindful inside such a beautiful space such as the Met, Julie’s team were given an incredibly awesome experience that allowed them to learn a little bit about each other, to find common ground, and to see the world through their colleagues’ eyes.   At the end of the day, Museum Hack enabled them to have a really fun experience that’s meaningful, relevant, and probably a little cathartic.

Here’s what Julie said about the experience:

At Museum Hack, we value our guides.  They give their incredible creative talents by using museum, the art, the objects, the space and each other to create transforming experiences.

We get the privilege of putting together meaningful special events for teams that are looking, not only to have a good time, but also to learn something, even if it’s just a little bit more about each other.

We love putting these events together. Do you want to give your team an opportunity such as this? Get in contact with us by visiting our team building page. You can call us at +1-800-210-9676 for more info, and we will get right back to you. You can also check out: Team Building in Manhattan, San FranciscoChicago, and Washington, DC for your specific location.

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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