ConAgra Foods “appreciated the opportunity to have fun and be a little silly”

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Fun group activities can give your team a chance to grow together. This may include indoor activities like museum tours or workshops, or outdoor activities like scavenger hunts and picnics. And if you are planning a team building day, Museum Hack can help. We are experts at activities for adults and group bonding activities.

Recently, a fun group from ConAgra Foods office came on a private museum tour with us. We shared with them the “untold stories” of the Met Museum here in NYC — the kind of stuff museum employees can’t share with you. And it was a blast! Check out the review below…

Our tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art was great! Participant feedback was very positive; they appreciated the opportunity to have fun and be a little silly, visit a world famous museum, and learn something in the process – it’s a winning combination. I would definitely recommend Museum Hack to others, and I hope I get the opportunity to bring another group in the future!
-Jackie D, ConAgra Foods

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