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Team building is an increasingly popular way for corporations and small businesses to build teamwork, encourage communication among employees, and to offer an entertaining opportunity that results in positive change for the workplace environment.

As team bonding events gain popularity, companies are seeking more fun and unique corporate activities in NYC that reflect on the creative learning process and team unity. Non-traditional museum tours, scavenger hunts, ropes courses, and cooking classes are some of the most interesting, new, and exciting team building opportunities for corporate companies in the New York City area.

Museum Hack, a special event and VIP museum tour company located in NYC, started with this innovative idea that re-shaped the traditional company team building event into a fun museum adventure. These events offer interactive, high energy tours through the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a new, interesting way. This famous cultural institution holds amazing pieces that can inspire and excite your staff with the help of talented, enthusiastic guides.

As you weave your way through the Met and activate creative and critical thinking skills, your company team will work together in collaboration, laugh together with fun photos and activities, and be inspired by the untold wonders that are held within the museum walls.

Whether you’re looking for a small department adventure or a corporate team bonding tours in NYC, Museum Hack has custom events to accommodate you!

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