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Ready for your company scavenger hunt at the Met Museum?

We will lead your team on the most insanely fun scavenger hunt they’ve ever been on. The team has a list of challenges to finish creatively in a specific time frame. The team will need to strategize, communicate, and get to know each other better to win this hilarious challenge.

Fast paced, creative, and collaborative challenges get your employees dashing through the Metropolitan Museum of Art to find their boss’s doppelgänger in a painting or to recreate a famous painting with their own bodies. 

Social media selfie for team bonding
Encourage team bonding through selfies. And art. And wine.


Here is a quick testimonial from Youth INC, who recently came on a company scavenger hunt in New York City with us at the Met: 

“We laughed, we got dirty, we ran, we bonded. Thank you Museum Hack for making this day a terrific team building exercise! What a unique way to visit the Met!”
-Ariel ., Director of Advancement for Youth INC 

Recreating funny museum masterpieces is perfect for scavenger hunts
Scavenger hunts encourage taking “living pictures” to foster team bonding and LOLs.


Sample Challenges from Our Scavenger Hunt at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • THINK BIGGER: The Met has gone through a few expansions over the years; you will know you are facing one of the original exteriors if you see a wall of bright red brick. Can you find one of these walls?
  • TABLEAU VIVANT: This translates to “living picture,” which translates to “arrange your team in front of a work of art and make everyone copy the poses.”
  • DRUNKEST ARTWORK AT THE MET: Sometimes you can just tell someone’s had one too many cocktails at the company party. Which artwork could use a Designated Driver tonight?
  • 3 SPANKINGS: You’d be surprised how often people are getting spanked in artwork at the Met. Can you find at least 3? (Hint: Dutch artists LOVED this motif!)
Harry with Ernst & Young Scavenger Hunts Metropolitan Museum of Art
Harry leading Ernst and Young on a Scavenger Hunt of the Met

Want us to plan a Scavenger Hunt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for your team? Call us at 1-800-210-9676 or find out more information on our Company Scavenger Hunts page and we will start planning today! 


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