Classy Bachelorette Party Secrets From 5 NYC Wedding Experts

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Stories November 12, 2020 Classy Bachelorette Party Secrets From 5 NYC Wedding Experts

Bachelorette parties are exciting, fabulous, and a little nerve-racking if you’re tasked with the planning. If you’ve been given the honor of throwing a bachelorette party (or you’re planning your own), we’ve got just the thing for you! We got the inside scoop from five NYC wedding experts on how to throw the classiest bash around.

These wedding rock stars live and breathe the big day, so you can bet their party hacks are elegant and practical. Whether you are throwing a small bachelorette party or a big blowout, these tips are the perfect place to get started. Pop open the bubbly and let’s get planning!

The Perfect Plan

“When planning a bachelorette party, make sure to include the bride’s favorite interests. You will want to create an itinerary to keep everything on track and also leave some wiggle room in your schedule – because at your bachelorette party, you just want to have fun!” – Sarah Campbell, Pollyanna Events

Super Fun Goodies

“Everybody loves goodies, and if they are cute AND useful then even better! Give your guests tote bags and fill them with fun things that go with the season. Summer: Thrown in a bottle of sparking wine, a little box of macaroons and a cool fedora. Winter: Thrown in a box of cookies, some hot chocolate mix and a nice scarf. Let the inspiration flow from the season, the location, and from your unique personality.

Want to add a special touch? Bring a Polaroid instant camera, strike a pose with each guest and throw it to the bag! When putting it all together, just try to avoid the impulse to embroider or permanently design a monogram or message on the goodies. You want to give your guests something that they can use every day…and don’t worry, they will always think of you when they do!” – Lina, Lina Kreisberg Wedding Planning & Event Design

Classy Invitations

“Any party first begins with the invitation. Whether you go with a printed or an online invite, what you choose is going to set the tone for the bash you want to throw. It’s important to convey time, dates and the general vibe of the affair you’ll be putting on. And you definitely don’t have to break the bank by any means. You can find very affordable and unique options from stationers on Etsy, Paperless Post, and Postable. Or you can conjure up your inner Martha and craft something truly personal and unique!” – Dawn Mauberret, Dawn Mauberret Event Planning

Stress Free is Key

A Museum Hack bachelorette party at the Met
A Museum Hack bachelorette party at the Met

“The bachelorette party is such a special event and it is an honor to plan it for your bestie! Remember the party is not about you, it’s about the bride to be. So don’t stress her out with too many questions and/or planning logistics. Ask her some basic questions about what type of party she wants and then surprise her with the details!

The bachelorette party can be a crazy party trip with late night dancing or a laid back weekend at a vineyard eating cheese and tasting wine! There is no right or wrong way to have a bachelorette party as long as friends are together having a good time! Make sure you talk about finances before the party starts, who will pay for what and get a plan together so there are no surprises or awkward moments surrounding money.” – Jove Meyer, Jove Meyer Events

Flawless Face & Perfect Pout

“Planning hair and makeup for your bachelorette party can be tough, especially if you’re out of town and aren’t familiar with salons in the area. You want to stay classy but also, sexy. Make sure you pack a good curling iron or wand, whatever works best for you. Waves are very much in and not to mention, quick and easy. Take big or small sections depending on how big you want the wave and wrap it around the iron leaving the ends out. You’ll do this until all hair is curled. To finish it up run your fingers through for a messy look or brush it through for a soft look.

If you play your cards right, the curls should stay in tact for the AM and then you can pull back the front pieces into a top knot and rock a messy wave for the next day’s brunch. For makeup, a good fresh face with a bold lip and wing liner shouts fun!” – Brittany Lo, Beautini

Remember, keep it fun and relax. We don’t want you stressed out planning the perfect bachelorette party! While keeping it classy can be hard, we know that with the right concoction of planning and creativity, you’ll wow the bride-to-be with an amazing event.

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