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Museum Hack is a totally new business that I’ve started to reach a wider audience. 

Hack the Met is a separate project. It will continue to live in the shadows. Small groups, very private, no press, friends-of-friends only. 

Museum Hack is for everyone.** We will provide incredibly fun tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that anyone can sign up for via our website

In conclusion, Hack the Met is not changing its name to Museum Hack. They are two very separate legal and emotional entities.

Museum Hack and Hack the Met are NOT affiliated or endorsed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

** We are still working through this “we do tours for everyone” bit and expect our positioning here to evolve. Previously, we’ve focused on New York City residents who have at least been to the Museum a handful of times. As we grow into the tourist market, I anticipate the tours changing to give more of a general “behind the scenes” overview. If there is enough market demand, I’d LOVE to offer a “Level 1; Beginners” tour and a “Level 2; Advanced” tour each day.

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