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We want to talk about the biggest event we’ve ever hosted. It was an event of epic proportions. We ran multiple teams, had a lunch schedule and managed to squeeze 90 people into a group photo in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We wanted to make sure that we maintained our specialized VIP feeling for each guest, hit the goals of the company, and ultimately, have an amazing time together.

The group we were hosting was a major global banking and financial services company. We would have initially imagined they would be very quiet and serious, but when they arrived, we were blown away by how pumped up and out-going they were. Everyone was really excited to be out of the office, and do something that may have been a little outside of their normal interests.

Precision Planning = Perfect Performance

This was a full team effort for Museum Hack, however, two of our guides, Jessye and Mark pulled together to plan this event with precision. When you are hosting over 70 people, there is no room for “winging it.” Jessye organized what the guest would be doing with which tour guide, and Mark made sure that working with the museum would go flawlessly. 

VIP treatment is key to ensure all guests in big groups have a great time.

Then there was the museum planning side of the event: make arrangements for tickets and lecturers’ badges, figuring out how we could fit 20 people in the cafe at a time, carefully scheduling when each of the 7 group would get a visit  from the surprise guest, when they would have lunch, which scavenger hunts which groups would do when, and so on. Everything was so meticulously planned so that it would go smoothly and fit into the time frame.

Scavenger hunts break large groups up in friendly competition.

Infused Values and Games

When some companies book events with us, they really just want to have a good time. This bank wanted to have a good time, but they also wanted there to be some aspects of the event that would express the company values. We worked closely with the banks coordinators to infuse their values into our games and challenges.

We applied the value of “innovation” a photo challenge for the groups. We would say “Find the work of art you think is most innovative, and tell us why.”  We wanted to get the group to think a bit abstractly about innovation, and to look at innovation in a new and different way. 

Letting guests tell their own stories about art is a fun way to increase collaboration & engagement.

Another one of the values we worked with was “Building a Strong Client Relationships” We wanted to  fuse this together some art appreciation, and storytelling. We did this by asking the groups: “Find the person depicted in a piece of art who most desperately needs the Bank’s services, and tell us what you’d do for them!” We wanted to have fun while reiterating what the bank was all about. 

“Where is it?” They’re on the hunt!


All the planning meant that everything went smoothly! It only took about 20 minutes and everyone was seated and eating, no easy feat when you have to get tickets for, and put colourful name tags on 70 people. 

One of the things we are most proud of with this event was we managed to harmonize (and not just with our harmonicas) the large group with the small, private VIP feeling that makes our tours special. We broke the big group up into groups of ten, each group with their own lead and co-guide, so that each person on the tour had an individual experience, and were able to bond together without getting lost in the mix. The results were fantastic, they loved the event!

“Our group had been in the middle of a story prior to the group photo, and almost automatically returned to the statue we’d been talking about after the photo was done to hear the end of the story! They weren’t ready to go after 5 hours in the Museum with us, which felt pretty awesome.”
-Jessye, Tour Guide for Museum Hack

The feedback that we got was amazing. We blew their socks off! We were really proud that our whole team pulled together to make sure the event was not only smooth, but that everyone had load of fun. 

“It was amazing, it was seamlessly, everything ran smoothly, everyone had fun, to date, I have had so much feedback, all of our team members said that it absolutely the best team building experience they have ever had, and not only did they learn, it was fun. It was just fun!”
-Daria, Event Planner from the Bank

Nick Gray, Museum Hack’s founder, took a moment to make a quick podcast with the event planner Daria, here is what she had to say:


We loved organizing this big event. Do you have a lot of people to plan an event for and would like to do something totally not boring? Get in contact with us To learn more what we can do for you by checking out this page or email us to [email protected]  

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