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Team building can mean different things to different companies. It can range from meaning a few drinks out on the town, to an inspiration weekend conference in Milwaukee. Whether it is supposed to be a just-for-fun experience, or a hands on skill building session, we work closely with companies to ensure they are getting what they need out of the team building events with Museum Hack.

A few weeks ago, we had a company who approached us specifically looking for training. They had a group of marketers who needed a bit of a boost in sales training. But they really wanted it to be fun and engaging, so it was Museum Hack to the rescue! This particular team of marketers were go-getters; spicy and outgoing, and up for a challenge!  We needed to find something that would inspire them, and help them look at sales in a new way.

Kate discussing her favorite works at the MET on a team tour
Kate discussing her favorite works at the Met.


Training Without Them Knowing They Are Being Trained

After a few initial conversations with the coordinator for the event, we decided that training like this needed some pizzaz. Some theatrics. We called on Kate, one of our most titillating storytellers. The company expressed they wanted to work on how to create stories, how to get people interested in what they were selling. Kate spent a fair bit of time working with the coordinator, figuring out not only what would interest the group, but what would be the most effective way of expanding their storytelling skills.

We want to blend training into really fun experiences. Sometimes when you are in a stuffy conference room, with its flip charts and static carpets, it easy to turn your brain off. Training becomes less effective. We want to get around this by having fun, and then infusing the event with training, the team is getting trained without even realizing it.

Story Telling and Getting People Excited

For this particular group, we worked on storytelling by getting them to tell the stories to each other. Kate trained them on the elements that make a good story- things like how to make a story relatable, how to pick out mind blowing bits of information to add to the story, and how to connect what you are saying to the person and what they are doing. She asked the group to spend sometime creating stories about the pieces of art they were looking at.

storytelling through social media technology
Technology in museums can be used to enhance and encourage storytelling.

The results were fantastic. Even though there were no art experts on the team, they were able to start spinning wonderful yarns about the pieces. They broked down the barriers of “I don’t know anything about this stuff” and turned the challenge into an opportunity to express themselves. Telling stories about paintings was indirectly teaching them how to get people excited about what they were excited about, something that for a marketing team is a valuable skill.

“We are not just lecturing at them, or doing trust falls, it’s really really fun. One of the things I love the most is that It’s a totally different experience to what they are expecting.”
Kate D, Museum Hack Tour Guide


Engaging team building = happy employees = employee retention!

A Bit of Bonding

We were lucky to have hosted this group, they were a focused bunch of dynamic and sharp individuals, who were up for having a bit of fun. Things got colourful- stories turned über sassy and salacious, and turned into a big gossip fest about art!

What we liked most about it was that although it might seem a bit off the wall, the group picked up news skills, and really began opening up with one another. They were building on each other stories, and feeding off each others energies. They bonded over it, and at the end of the day- that is really what we are looking to do- teach the team something new, get them excited, and give them the space to really enjoy each others company.


Need to get out of the conference room and want to try training in a new way? To learn more what we can do for your company, check out this page or email us to [email protected]. Or click directly to our Team building activities in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington, DC.

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