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Sometimes businesses have really clear ideas of how to train their staff. They are coaching their teams towards specific goals they are looking to achieve and company concepts they want to express. This was the case with a recent team building event we did with Huge, a digital agency in Brooklyn, New York.

Huge’s training plan is based on taking a certain topic, and exploring it as a group, so each individual comes away with an innovative way of thinking. In this training session, they had one main goal: show why it is important to have a big picture perspective. They were inspired by the way the Met’s curation process works, and Museum Hack used this as a structure for the tour.

Huge is ready to hack the Met!

Mix It Up at the Met

We love the approach of using a new setting to encourage new thoughts. Taking people out of their normal routine, and putting them with new people in a new place, automatically gets their brains thinking in new ways.

This team was a mix of members from departments: there were researchers, business analysts, art directors, creative directors and HR representatives, doing something completely new- a museum tour.

“We get people out of their heads, out of the norm, and show them to totally unique experience. They are exploring beautiful spaces, and they hearing all these amazing stories. These kinds of things are not normal. They are fun. The tours are cool. Something that engages and inspires. For Huge: they were looking for inspiration, and we used the tour to give them mind blowing ideas.”
Mark K., Creative Consultant for Museum Hack 

This is one of the things that makes our events valuable and unique. We pull people out of the conventional everyday mindset. We take them to the museum and show them a ridiculously fun time, in a place they wouldn’t expect it. This creates an atmosphere for learning and fresh ideas.

Creating living pictures is a fun activity that creates lasting memories!

Using a Big Museum to Share Big Ideas

“The Met is more than I thought. Although I’ve dragged myself through the museum numerous times, I had never stopped to think or understand the how’s and why’s of the actual physical place. The drama, the budgets, the add-ons, the people behind it. It’s pretty fantastic.”
-Huge Corporate Tour Guest

The training planner came on a tour with Museum Hack, and while in the contemporary gallery he heard a story that inspired him. There are two paintings, by Mark Rothko and John Jasper, set across from each other in the gallery. These two artists despised each other, with Rothko once famously saying [in regards to John Jaspers ‘American Flag’] “We worked for years to get rid of all that.” Rothko essentially thought that “pop art” was everything that was wrong with the contemporary art world, and John Jasper was the forerunner. So, the Met, in a twist of curatorial irony, put their work across from each other.

“Individual pictures are not as important as the whole picture, the big picture.”
-HUGE Corporate Tour Guest

We used the fact that the curators have the “big picture” for this training session with the HUGE team. We focused on stories about the creation and curation of the Met. The idea of how the Met was formed really inspired the group. Stepping outside of your field of expertise, risk taking, and learning how to work together are all lessons the teams can learn from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We used it as an example of how to look at the big picture, how big ideas can turn into realities.

“Take a risk, just go for it, just move in a forward direction! Like the financiers with no art, or ‘real’ art training, deciding to start a museum.”
-Huge Corporate Tour Guest

Huge Results

It was a great success! They sent us glowing reviews from their training take-aways, and loved how it was completely different than what they were expecting. We took their ideas on what they needed training on, and constructed a tour that emphasized the concepts in a creative and unconventional way.

“Sometimes the excitement lies in the story behind the finished project rather than in the finished project itself. I think we heard a lot of interesting stories and history today that were far more interesting than the art on the wall.”
-Huge Corporate Tour Guest

What we loved about this tour was the opportunity to be incorporated into a working training model. Businesses have goals they are looking to achieve, and training is a large part of this. We use our skills for getting people to think in new ways, to innovatively train teams. We can work with the ideas the company would like to express, while add a twist of fun on it.

The bears are one of the most popular living picture spots at the Met.

Do you have a training plan, but want to mix it up? Do it at the Met. We will make it completely not boring!  To learn more what we can do for you by checking out this page or email us to [email protected]   



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