Case Study: Curating Real Connection and Engagement At Your Next Company Mixer

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Corporate November 19, 2019 Case Study: Curating Real Connection and Engagement At Your Next Company Mixer

We’re all too familiar with the mandatory work social, whether it be the annual holiday mixer or quarterly networking event to impress and land your company’s next big client.

You know the ones where you make a brief appearance, grab a drink (on the company’s dime), mingle with a colleague or two, and make sure to have a short albeit memorable encounter with your boss so they know you were there before you head for home.

These events are in dire need of an upgrade, and we have just the thing to give your colleagues, guests, and potential clients an awesome night they’ll talk about for months afterward.

Today’s case study is about how we transformed a large company’s VIP client event into a memorable one-of-a-kind experience.

Goal: Create A VIP Event To Engage A Company’s 300+ Invitees

Our client wanted to create the perfect opportunity to develop stronger connections with (and between) their many clients.

For their annual post-trade show VIP event, our client was looking for something a little different, hoping to surprise and delight their guests while also promoting genuine connections and engagement.

Solution: The Museum Mixer, aka Happy Hour at the Museum!

Based on our client’s target outcomes, we decided to create an event that would combine:

  • A first-in-class cocktail reception at a stunning venue; in this case, The Field Museum of Chicago
  • Fun party games facilitated by our team to promote authentic networking, far surpassing the average and, let’s be honest, awkward socializing that normally goes on at the office holiday party.
  • Four 30 minute custom mini museum tours lead by Museum Hack’s expert guides.

Here’s How The Museum Mixer Works

Guests have the opportunity to mingle in one of the museum’s central spaces, enjoy delicious cocktails, and, for 20-30 minutes at a time, they’ll be whisked away into the museum’s exhibits by our expert guides. The custom tours make it easy for guests to genuinely connect with one another and bond over the unexpected stories we tell on tour.

VIP Night At The Field Museum in Chicago

Our client’s event drew in a whopping 300 people ready to experience an unforgettable evening at the museum.

Over the course of 2-3 hours, all 300 guests mingled in the Stanley Field Hall, enjoying cocktails while guides Dustin, Elise, Colin, and Ali took small, intimate groups of six-to-12 people on mini museum tours.

Our guides customized each mini-tour according to the client’s request. The goals for the tour were to:

  • draw intentional connections to their work in the food industry and
  • tell stories that “make the old new,” demonstrating the value of re-engaging the past in new ways.

A Peek at the Power and Possibilities of Customization

Our client wanted us to incorporate the base of their business, the acacia tree, into one of our tour pieces. 

After some digging, we uncovered an incredible story featuring the acacia. 

The most heated rivalry in the world is not between Ohio State and Michigan or even the long-running feud between tortoise and hare. For a real fierce competition between rivals pitted against each other for survival, you have to look at the epic evolutionary arms race between the acacia tree and the giraffe!

That’s the right, the giraffe.

Tit for tat, these two have been going at each other in a life or death struggle for millions of years.

The incredible acacia has developed some amazing capabilities to fight off the giraffe, including evolving barbed wire branches, supplying food and board for vicious ants that act like bouncers to would-be giraffes trying to crash the party.


The ants release pheromones when a giraffe begins to eat them that communicates to their nearby tree friends that they are under attack! They collectively produce enough toxins in their leaves to kill the giraffe or, at the very least, take the beast out of commission and attached to a toilet for a while.

The acacia is an incredible tree and man has used this wondrous plant to our own benefit since ancient times for healing ointments or in its most common use today, gum arabic.

Within this piece we discovered an alternate way of exploring the acacia tree that is the base of their business to get people to engage with the product in a different way, learn a little more about this amazing tree (and the ridiculous giraffe), all while sharing a lot of laughs about this showdown in the savannah.

During the event, one of our guides noticed:

“As the party went on those who had already been on one of our mini tours came back with their friends to do more and word spread that we had something great to offer. The guests started to “collect” tours, so by the end of the event we had some people who went on all four!” – Colin

“Everyone was talking about Museum Hack all night.”  

A night of fun, interesting stories and activities that got people laughing, talking, socializing and actually connecting with clients and colleagues in new and memorable ways.

If you’re still wondering whether or not to book a Museum Hack Museum Mixer for your next event, here’s what our client had to say…

“We had a great time and Colin and his team killed it. The shirts they wore were the exact tongue-in-cheek “cool factor” I was going for. We were able to keep a lot of people at our event that would have otherwise had one drink and left. And everyone was talking about Museum Hack all night.

My only regret was that I wasn’t able to go on all of the tours myself!

Thank you very much for working with us!”

Ready to throw a one-of-a-kind event your colleagues and clients won’t forget? We’d love to work with you. Contact [email protected] or 1-800-210-9676 to get started.

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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