Case Study: Unite Your Team, Improve Communication, and Boost Morale with the Murder Mystery Tour

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Corporate November 12, 2020 Case Study: Unite Your Team, Improve Communication, and Boost Morale with the Murder Mystery Tour

MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory recently conducted a study to observe the differences between top performing teams and average ones. The results were groundbreaking, and most corporate teams can benefit from applying what MIT discovered.

The focal point of the study was communication patterns between employees. The question MIT set out to answer was:

“Are communication patterns alone enough to determine a team’s success?”

Sellers Dorsey wanted to find a team building event to check all the boxes for engagement, communication, and fun.

After selecting a diverse set of workplaces across multiple industries—which included innovation teams, backroom operations teams, and customer-facing teams in banks, among others—MIT equipped all employees in the study with electronic badges that recorded extensive data on each employee’s communication:

  • body language,
  • tone of voice,
  • whom they talked to and how often,
  • and more.

But after analyzing the data from all the teams, MIT discovered something amazing:

“With remarkable consistency, the data confirmed that communication indeed plays a critical role in building successful teams. In fact, we’ve found patterns of communication to be the most important predictor of a team’s success. Not only that, but patterns of communication are as significant as all the other factors—individual intelligence, personality, skill, and the substance of discussions—combined.”

Even though MIT had discovered critical information, they acknowledged their findings only highlighted the importance of communication, and did not provide the means to actually change patterns of communication among existing teams:

“The obvious question at this point is, once I recognize I need to improve energy and engagement, how do I go about doing it? What are the best techniques for moving those measurements?”

Museum Hack’s team building activities specialize in doing exactly this. Today’s case study is about how we helped improve team communication, employee engagement, and boost morale for a top consulting firm with a one-day team building event.

We set up a Murder Mystery team building event in DC for a team that doesn’t always work out of the same physical space.

How to Improve Employee Engagement with a One-Day Team Building Event

Corie is the Executive Administrative Coordinator at Sellers Dorsey, a national healthcare consulting firm.

Half of Corie’s team works out of their Washington, D.C. headquarters, and the other half of employees are remote.

For their yearly company-wide retreat, Corie was looking for the perfect activity to improve employee engagement, boost morale, and improve trust and communication.

Corie’s team had previously done traditional team building activities which were lackluster — this time they were looking for something exciting and different that would check all the boxes for engagement, communication, and fun, something that could sustain team’s morale until their next yearly retreat.

That’s where Museum Hack comes in…

There are numerous benefits to team building with us – and having a great time outside of the office is just one of them!

The “Murder Mystery” Team Building Tour, And What Corie’s Team Thought About It

Based on Corie’s target outcomes for the event — improve engagement and communication, boost morale, and have a fun, exciting activity outside of the office — we identified that our Murder Mystery tour would be a great fit for her team.

Here’s how the Murder Mystery tour works. Based off a tale of true crime, your team will be led by their guides on a thematic, problem-solving adventure through the museum. You’ll gather evidence, listen to stories and put the pieces together to uncover the truth before it’s too late.

It was an action-packed two hours for Corie’s team.

“I think the overall event was really great, it got us up and moving… we always do an internal survey at the end of our company retreats, where I ask everyone questions about how it went, and the response to Museum Hack’s team building experience was overwhelmingly very positive. There was not one negative. Everyone enjoyed it.”

For a team building event to be effective, it’s crucial that everyone had an enjoyable, engaging, and memorable experience with their co-workers.

“We spend so much time just sitting in meetings… I like that the Murder Mystery tour got our blood flowing, and I think it really helped people realize that we can all have fun together too. There was definitely a boost in enthusiasm after the event… we all went back to the hotel for dinner, and it just seemed like everyone kept talking about it.“

If you’re still on the fence about training with Museum Hack, Corie shared these thoughts:

“Definitely do it. I think it’s fabulous, my advice would be to definitely go for it… I can’t see an organization that couldn’t enjoy and benefit from something like this. It was a really good experience.”

Ready to give your team and organization a communication refresh? We’d love to work with you. Contact [email protected] or 1-800-210-9676 to get started.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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