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We give tours of all shapes and sizes. Each tour we give, no matter if it is VIP or public, is different, but we wanted to share how we go about customizing tours for corporate groups. We will be hosting our fourth Met Tech event this month, and we wanted to talk about how these tours created specifically for tech companies started.

A few months ago, we did an event for a massively successful, super cool, global internet search company. They have offices around the world, and when their New York office came into contact with us, we created a plan to blow their socks off.

Living pictures are one team building activity that we customize for corporate clients.

Down the Rabbit Hole of Arts and Science; How we Prepped for the Tour.

We asked two of our guides, Ethan and Jen, to divide and conquer the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Jen is an expert at finding the most mind blowing art, and Ethan is a self professed science and maths geek, so pairing them together for this tour meant that the team was going to get a great balance of diverse content. The two guides did their own massive search for things in the Museum that would interest these experts in digital searching.

The objects chosen for this tour were not random, or the standard go-to items. We meticulously curated the vast collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, specifically picking items that related to the creativity and technology behind the company we were giving the tour to. We wanted to inspire them. Ethan gives the example of the Yemeni Astrolabe, “It’s a 13th century smartphone.” From predicting the positions of the planets and stars, determining local time given local latitude, surveying, triangulation, and casting horoscopes, it is an incredible fascinating bit of history from the timeline of pocket sized technology.

”Astrolabe of ‘Umar ibn Yusuf ibn ‘Umar ibn ‘Ali ibn Rasul al-Muzaffari, dated A.H. 690 / A.D. 1291”.


Ethan presents customized object hacks fit for each company’s needs.

Games Well Played

We found a well balanced combination between touring the collection and ‘head-to-head’ competitions and games. Companies love cool competitive games for their staff! Team building to the max.

We gave the team a “Manet vs Monet” challenge. We split the group in two; one group to represent Manet, and the other Monet. They had ten minutes to search the gallery and find the piece which was the best from the artist. Then everyone came back to the group and had a showdown to decide who was the bigger impressionist badass. The result was a battle of epic proportions. The results were, to put it lightly, passionately presented. It wasn’t just about showing the group things, it was about making the tour highly interactive and fun.

“Best museum experience ever!”
— Patrick B., Google Dublin


Perfect Pairings: Why the Tour Guide Matters

“I follow what I think is AWESOME!”
-Ethan Angelica, Museum Hack Tour Guide

We focus on pairing the right guide with the right company. We have a variety of passionate and well informed guides. For this particular company, we needed a guide who didn’t just know about modern technology, we needed one who loved it. When you put the right people together, the rest is easy. We believe this is what makes our corporate tours different- it about customizing the events specifically for the company, amping up the excitement, and building relationships.

“The tour made me realize that art can be very interesting. I enjoyed the explanations, especially those about the background of the art pieces and their authors. I’ll be recommending this tour to visitors. It was also very nice to see that the guides were super-passionate about what they were explaining.”
— Julio M., Google NYC

We love hosting tech companies for team building events. To learn more what we can do for your tech company, check out this page or email us to [email protected]  

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