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Museum Hack works with companies to improve team bonding and to host fun customized events for their teams (usually indoor activities).

A few weeks ago, we hosted a customized event for a major credit card company at the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in NYC. They approached us with a special project – they wanted to play hard and have fun in the museum. With three very specific ideas, they asked us to get creative and help them bolster their company’s goals through an event at the Met.

Living picture at the Met
Living pictures are a fun activity to showcase your team’s personalities!


So, we set to work designing an amazing tour specifically suited to their needs.

Museum! All hands in to start the tour.
Ethan begins a customized Museum Hack tour.

The event was all about having fun and engaging the team with the museum and with each other.

The team members had come to New York from all over the world. This was an opportunity to bring them together and bond them as a unified team.

TJMaxx tour group
Our customized tours engage employees with objects and each other.

The guests thought we had been working on this tour for months. Our game-master, Harry, knocked it out of the park by creating a completely customized tour and incorporated thought-provoking games!

The tour was incredibly informative and educational.  It highlighted the company’s values and goals, but people didn’t even notice because they were having so much fun!

We love being flexible, adaptable, and creative. Challenges like these stimulate our team and push us to create uniquely engaging tours.

“What was cool about it was that [the company] was really interested in doing something creative, and we were able to do something really engaging and fun in the museum. Whether it’s about numbers, ideas or people, we love being able to customize events like these”
Harry Einhorn, Creative Events Associate

Employee raising hand and smiling.
Customized games promote employee engagement!

The company’s event organizer gave us three very specific words that embodied the team’s current project and their desired goals. Using the provided words, Harry and his team invented three large-scale games that used the museum as a foundation to communicate the company’s ideas.

Each game targeted one of the three words. For instance, one game was a specific scavenger hunt-type game defined by parameters specifically aligned to one of the words and the goals associated with the word.

Each game also emphasized cooperation and teamwork, allowing the participants to work together and get to know each other. Team building win!

TJMAxx customized team building tour smiles

Through customized corporate tours such as this one, companies can achieve their goals in creative and uniquely surprising ways that also invigorate their teams.

“The event was all about having fun and completely engaging the team in a way that was relevant to what they were working on. By getting everyone out of their regular environment, it re-energized them, opening them up to new ideas, fresh perspectives and new appreciation for each other and their company.”
Mark Kennedy, VIP Sales

Want to have an event created just for your team? Call +1-800-210-9676 or email us at [email protected]. We can’t wait to set up something amazing for your team. You can also visit our: New York City, San FranciscoChicago, and Washington, DC team bonding tour pages for more information.

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