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Museum Hack was hired by a large personal development company to program several activities for their annual leadership summit and strategy meeting in Las Vegas in February 2015. Harry Einhorn consulted directly with the client. 

This was a first for us. It was great to offer consulting on ice breakers and team building exercises for this company’s group retreat in Las Vegas. We took the best of what we do in a museum setting (loosen up groups, and help them get to know each other) and applied them to their company’s meeting. Many of the games we suggested were brand new, but we gave them some classic tips, such as Instant Polaroid-like photos (which they loved). I was really glad to hear that it went so well!
-Harry Einhorn, Tour Guide with Museum Hack

The customer sent us this testimonial afterwards:

“I just want to extend my personal thank you to Museum Hack! The activities you suggested were huge hits with our team.  The team was thrilled with your suggestions and was particularly pleased with how much “bonding” time we had over the 3 days. We felt the whole team really opened up and had a fabulous time with the Polaroids and the Marshmallow Challenge.  (We definitely learned that we have a very competitive team and we need to incorporate more contests in our company.)  Overall, I really believe these activities were what set the stage for the group to begin building some very personal relationships, which was our main goal from the beginning, so thank you truly for all of the time you gave us!  Your input made all of the difference and resulted in a hugely successful company meeting.”
– Jill J., Executive Assistant to the CEO

The leadership team of several dozen remote staffers met at a luxury hotel in Las Vegas. Spread over the course of four days, their Leadership and Strategy summit started with ice breakers and a fun physical game as planned by Museum Hack.

“It was exciting for me because this was our first big non-Museum team building gig. But I knew we could do it. We even gave them some untraditional ideas that their staff loved.”
Nick Gray, CEO of Museum Hack

At the end of the first day, the staff was brought together again with a large challenge that Museum Hack helped guide during the planning process.

“Honestly, I think it all went great.  We have a pretty young cool team, so they really embraced this all so well.  The human map and then the circles project you suggested afterwards may have been key. It helped loosen everyone up and we got to just harmlessly talk about things. Those activities helped us laugh and helped us find things in common without trying too hard. I think it gave me ways to start conversations with people who I may have been struggling to find an opening with. Finally, a photo challenge was issued that resulted in some of the best physical take-aways from the whole strategy session.”
-Pam T., Director of Human Resources

We love to use our techniques to facilitate companies in creating great events!

Would you like to work with Museum Hack at your next conference? We’d love to talk to you about the possibilities. Please email us or give us a call directly at 1-800-210-9676. You can also click here learn more about our Team building tours in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington, DC.

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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