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We’re proud to announce that Carly Syms has been promoted to Team Lead of Museum Hack’s Customer Service department. She’ll be responsible for Help Desk, Customer Support, Pre-Sales and VIP Sales, and much more. Carly will help answer our customers questions faster, support our corporate client needs more effectively, and generally get our customers into museums faster and with more fun and support.


“We’re getting strategic about our customer service at Museum Hack, and we’re preparing for another large round of growth. Carly is going to help us rise up to a new level of support that is better than even what the big companies are doing, while still maintaining our small company, innovator communication style,” said Michael Alexis, Marketing Manager at Museum Hack.

“There are hundreds of messages each month that get answered by our support and VIP service team, and I’m so thankful for this department within our company. Carly has been an integral member of the Marketing squad. I’m excited for her to grow with our company,” said Nick Gray, Founder and CEO of Museum Hack.

Carly has worked for Museum Hack as an independent marketing contractor for 10 months. She was originally hired as a Customer Service and Sales Support Assistant, where she was responsible for writing case studies, blog posts, and email newsletters. She is a published writer and editor responsible for eight books, including several bestsellers on Amazon. Carly has a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin where she was a double major in Communication Arts and Political Science. In her spare time, she is passionate about rescue dog organizations and currently has a boxer of her own.

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