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Congratulations to Carly Syms, who has accepted an offer to join Museum Hack full-time as our Marketing + VIP Customer Service Team Lead!

In this role Carly will continue to be “Air Traffic Control” for Marketing projects and duties, as well as lead and direct our growing Customer Service ops, including the VIP team that supports the Sales department.

Carly also manages our blog, edits and schedules, content, writes original case studies, plans the marketing team calls, manages the photo archives, etc. — Carly wears a lot of hats.

Carly with the several members of the marketing team on her first Museum Hack tour in NYC!

We first met Carly in August 2015 when she applied and was selected for an open Customer Service support role. Based in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, she is still passionate about rescue animals (and her dogs!) and is a successful writer with several published books on Amazon.

Carly has steadily increased her roles and responsibilities with our company and we’re so happy that she accepted an offer to join us full-time! – Nick Gray, CEO

We talked to Carly about her new role: 

“I am so excited to go to work full time with Museum Hack! I’ve been working with the company for about a year and a half, and it has been, by far, my favorite work experience. It took almost a year for me to meet most of the team, but I never felt like an outsider who worked remotely; I’ve felt like I was a true part of the MH family from Day One, and I can’t wait to continue that working full time! It’s been amazing to watch how much growth and change there’s been in the company and I’m pumped to be part of the next chapter.”

Carly with the team on a beach in Mexico.

We also asked Carly to share her top 3 favorite Museum Hack memories so far. 

Carly’s Favorite Museum Hack Moments: 

  • Meeting Nick and Dustin for the first time when a work trip brought them to Phoenix – we swam, I stopped at the grocery store for pasta and marshmallows for them, and we ate at Pita Jungle!
  • Traveling to Cancun last December to meet many of my coworkers was an amazing trip! I’d worked with so many of these folks for more than a year at this point and it was so great to finally meet them – and being in Cancun didn’t hurt!
  • Always being the Werewolf! While in Cancun, I was introduced to one of our company’s favorite team building games, Werewolf! The group is all assigned a role and it’s up to the werewolves to kill off as many of the other players as they can without being accused of being the werewolf! I think I’ve only not been the werewolf once every time I’ve played. 

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Carly!

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