Building Up Butler County: A Case Study

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Museum Resources November 19, 2019 Building Up Butler County: A Case Study

Nestled just north of Cincinnati, Butler County, Ohio is home to a host of unique sites spread all over the county. Bonus: if you want to see the whole county, all you have to do is go on the Butler County Donut Trail – yes, you read that right, a donut trail. Obviously, this was the first stop on our trip. 


Butler County hit a home run with the Donut Trail, and wanted to keep the momentum going — so they called us! Ethan, Peter, and Julia headed out to Ohio to help out the Butler County Visitors Bureau and see everything the county had to offer. Our team immediately fell in love with Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in particular, which was convenient considering we would be heading there to help their staff later in the week.

Ethan and Julia play around in Pyramid Hill

Storytelling for CBVs

We focused on two things when working with Butler County—storytelling and rapid prototyping. Both of these are tools the Visitors Bureau can use to help spread the word on all the BC has to offer. The team learned our signature storytelling method and we gave them a structure to use in the future.

The Butler County Team

How will storytelling help a Visitors Bureau? Our storytelling skills boil down to effective communication. Using this structure will help Butler County market current experiences in a new way, as well as highlight the true hidden gems we found in the county—the people! During the week we spent in Butler County, we talked with so many amazing people that made us want to explore the area even more.

In the middle of a brainstorming blitz!

The team also brainstormed what programs they would love to see in their county. No idea was too crazy, wild, or big. The brainstorm culminated in each team taking an idea and fleshing it out to fit a new audience they would love to bring to the county.

Pumping up Pyramid Hill

After our work with the CVB, our team headed over to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, which is loaded with gorgeous scenery, amazing outdoor sculptures, antiquities, and even an underground house. All of this area is now surveyed by the unofficial Pyramid Hill mascot—Pyramid the Cat.

Pyramid wondering why you didn’t print out a workshop packet for them.

The Pyramid Hill staff also wanted a framework to use to tell the stories about their outdoor sculpture collection and museum, which houses some amazing antiquities. One big benefit to their outdoor collection is that it bends the age-old rule of “don’t touch the art,” because guests are allowed to physically interact with the art. We talked about activity design that would amp up their current tours with some structured activities that allowed for guests to interact with the art and grab some great photos (get that social proof!).

The Pyramid Hill team during their workshop

Oh— and we also discovered this adorable limestone pharaoh carving. Egyptians practiced ma’at, or the idea of depicting perfection, particularly in their art. So, it’s a bit curious how this pharaoh ended up, well, a little chubby. Either way, we instantaneously fell in love with Chubby Pharaoh, and now the staff has a structure to tell his story, even if it includes a few different theories.

Seriously how cute is Chubby Pharaoh?
written with 💖 by Julia Kennedy

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