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Museum Hack was invited to make a presentation at the Museum Ideas International Conference at the London Museum on October 2nd, 2014. Nick Gray represented the company with a rousing presentation about these three things:

  1. The history of our company,
  2. What we do that is totally different from most museum tours, and
  3. Why we do what we do and why this stuff matters.

Reactions to the presentation were mixed… Just kidding! Everyone loved it. 

“Nick Gray from Museum Hack rocked the Museum Ideas 2014 conference with fresh ideas about how to make people fall in love with museums. Nick’s presentation was brilliant, certainly one of the conference highlights and in our feedback forms it was rated by our attendees as one of the most exciting talks of the day. His enthusiasm was contagious, making us all want to experience the tours first hand.”
Gregory Chamberlain, Editor, Museum-iD magazine

The Twitter action was off the hook. Two of the top three tweets (ref: Museum Ideas Eventifier) from the conference were directly from Nick’s talk. The top tweet for the conference was this really simple message:

“Make the museum the star. Some people need to be entertained before they can be educated”
Nick Gray

The Museum Ideas International Conference brings together worldwide museum innovators, to share new ideas through talks and connection building coffee breaks. We were delighted to be able to talk about what we do, and to challenge the attendees in how they think about attracting people into their museums. 

“Absolutely awesome Museum Hack presentation by its founder Nick Gray. His subversion of the museum tour experience rocked the room, in a very good (and sweary) way. Everyone is going to want their museum hacked!”
Louise Rawlinson, (Read the full article)

Reaching out to millennials is an important conversation to be having at the moment – our fresh perspective on how to engage with them sparked interest across the conference. We talked about how we bring social media, selfies and photos into our tours, making the museum experience fun and unique.

Speaking of selfies…check out this blog post, selfies definitely happened at the conference!

“Museums are awesome – we all know that already, but getting other people to realise can be a challenge. One of the best ways to do that is to change the tour experience from a didactic one, to one full of unique insight, gossip, and fun. Museum Hack run fast paced, physical tours, aimed at millennials and designed to excite and entertain. The group decide what they want to hear, with ‘gossip’ often being the winner.”
Antenna Lab, (Read the full article)

We know there are a lot more conversations that need to happen about how to make museums more appealing to those who don’t like museums. New visitor engagement is such a key topic right now. It was such a great opportunity to be in a room filled with such influential museum movers and shakers, but we think we can do more-we want everyone to fall love museums. 

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