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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of our favorite museums for team building in New York City and we were so excited to begin developing a new team building experience for the museum’s latest addition: the Met Breuer!

The Met Breuer is a museum dedicated to featuring contemporary and modern art. It opened earlier this year and is currently home to two fantastic exhibits, including “Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible,” which features impressive works of art that were never completed.

Earlier this summer, a team from a pharmaceutical powerhouse wanted a team building experience that featured the Unfinished exhibit at the Met Breuer, and we couldn’t have been happier to create a new tour through this incredible space.

Though we’d be working in a new space, we didn’t lose sight of the principles that make our team building tours so successful. We crafted a custom experience for the company’s small team at the Met Breuer, showcasing the best objects in the Unfinished exhibit. We dug up stories about the art that related to their team building goals and company vision. The team was also made up of a diverse group of people from around the world and we were thrilled to highlight various features of the museum that resonated with the team’s different backgrounds.

To take the VIP team building experience to the next level, we brought in a special guest musician to perform classical music in the exhibit and sent the group home with fun Polaroids documenting thir bonding experience.

The team had a fantastic time on their team activity at the new Met Breuer!

“I want to thank you for a fantastic tour yesterday! Our team was enthralled and really loved the experience. You were all particularly good at your roles and made it an unforgettable experience.” – Sylvia, team leader

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