Audience Engagement Boot Camp 🏛️💪

This Live Boot Camp is an intensive (and lots of fun!), 3-day, in-person workshop with Museum Hack, and is for museum professionals who want to rapidly improve their institution’s adult programming, marketing strategy, tour experiences and more.

Applications will be reviewed on a first come first served basis.

This event is a curated group of like-minded people who you will stay connected with as part of the members only Boot Camp Alumni Group.

Here’s what to expect:

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LIVE BOOT CAMP: Museum Hack has facilitated audience engagement trainings with some of the greatest cultural institutions including the National Park Service, the Field Museum, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Australian Museum. This is your chance to learn the same skills and methods.

We host this event at some of the largest museums in the country, and it is led by senior Museum Hack Audience Development professionals. With high intensity work, you'll quickly master our proven methods for storytelling & experience design. We provide an iterative testing ground for you to practice (and get instant feedback!) on how to start incorporating these skills into your practice.

Upgrade Your Museum Career & Master Audience Engagement

Industry: Your group will include Museum Professionals from different types of museums, and will be Directors, VPs, Educators and docents.

Results: You will learn and practice advanced methods with our coaches and try them out on a real life public tour!

Investment: General attendance is $1499 per person.

This isn’t a classroom lecture.

We aren’t going to jam you in a conference room and make you take a bunch of notes.

This is an intense, in person training. You’re going to learn a lot, while having an experience of a lifetime.

Reach the Next Level With Museum Hack

Learn the methods that work today and learn them fast. With 3 days in our Live Boot Camp you’ll see first hand how fun, engaging & educational a museum tour can be. Then, apply this to your home institution with the confidence to immediately implement these proven strategies and start seeing the impact you make.

Our goal is for you to learn, master and then implement our proven methods. You’ll learn the skills which have been proven by us, and our alumni, to take your institution to the next level.

Upcoming Boot Camp Dates

February 22-24, 2019 (DC)

April 12-14, 2019 (NYC)

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P.S: We aren't sales-y, this is just a chance to get to know each other a little better.

“I had a fantastic time and returned to my job re-energized and ready to bring Museum Hack techniques into our little museum!” - Abby M.