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Museum Resources November 18, 2019 We’re Bringing Boot Camp to Washington, DC

Have you ever thought about attending our Audience Engagement Boot Camp, but don’t want to go to New York?

We’re bringing our Boot Camp for Museum Professionals to Washington DC!

If you are museum professional looking to learn new ways to passionately engage audiences and infuse life into your programs, then our Boot Camp is for you! At this two-day intensive workshop exclusively for museum professionals, you’ll learn some of our methods AND get a chance to test them out.  We’ll help you reignite your passion for museums and inspire new ways for your organization to interact with audiences.

Here’s what you can expect:

A Boot Camp participant leads a tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Real Hands-On Experience

You’ll co-host a Museum Hack Beta Tour with actual paying customers. We use Beta Tours to test new stories and train tour guides! So, just like our new guides when they are training, you’ll receive unfiltered feedback from your audience. Instead of just sending you off with a new bag of tricks, we’ll help you test out those methods before you leave. This is the Museum Hack way, and an awesome opportunity for you to apply what you’ve learned!

Diverse Perspectives

Often times, training sessions only involve people from our own organizations. Not that learning with your team isn’t good for you, but sometimes you need to shake things up. At Boot Camp you’ll be working with professionals from different backgrounds. Think of it like a mini-conference with art museums, science museums, and historical societies! The diversity in jobs and backgrounds is perfect for inspiring new ideas and perspectives to bring back to your own museum!

Actual One-On-One Time

Unlike traditional workshops and trainings, the Boot Camp Participant to Facilitator rate is primo, at about 4:1. This lays a perfect foundation for questions, mentoring, learning, and personalized feedback.  

You’ll put your new skills to the ultimate test in front of actual Museum Hack customers.

Storytelling with a Twist

At Museum Hack, we are expert storytellers. We know how to sniff out a salacious story from even the most mundane of objects. You’ll have the opportunity to become the best storyteller in your organization. Learn NEW approaches to storytelling and brainstorming that you can turnkey immediately.

Professional Development That’s Actually Fun

Boot Camp is the most exciting and FUN type of professional development around. The style of the workshop is designed to be informative but also engaging and exciting for participants.

“I had a fantastic time and returned to my job re-energized and ready to bring Museum Hack techniques into our little museum!” – Abby M.

“Extremely thoughtful and action-packed camp! Great balance of activities, work sessions, and tour experiences. I loved that we not only learned about Museum Hack, but got to design and lead our own tours in the Museum Hack style, as well. New muscles were exercised, and I felt safe and encouraged to take risks and approach things in a new way. I loved working with a group, and appreciated the thought that went into deciding the groups, as I felt that really helped me to get the most out of the experience. And of course, Ethan is amazing! I learned so much from his ability to balance intellectual rigor with entertainment. I left with applicable tools and materials, but also experienced what it feels like to be on a Museum Hack tour, and can still remember so many facts and impressions. This made me a better programmer, as I have new thoughts about the role of fun in education that I will use to inform my programs and tours.” – Chelsea H.

We’ll give you real, practical tools that you can use to rapidly-prototype new experiences in your space. We don’t just talk about the things you can do. We do them, with you, multiple times over the weekend. You’ll be ready to go as soon as you get home.

Meet Your New BFFs

Hands in for an amazing museum experience!

New friends that will last a lifetime – The business card exchange is ensured, and now you will have colleagues from all over the US, maybe even the world. We even have a special Facebook group for Bootcamp Alumni.

VIP Access

Now that you’ve become a Boot Camp Alumni you have early access to new Museum Hack products and trainings. Our exchange isn’t done when you get home! We’ll use you as our test list for Audience Development projects – so we can all keep growing together!

Are you excited or what? Our DC boot camp is only $699, so join us in DC, February 24-25, 2018 to kick start your year! 

written with 💖 by Julia Kennedy

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